If you read my article in The Beachcoast about sushi in NW Indiana, you will know that I recommended House of Kobe as a sushi spot.  I went there today and was very disappointed.  The actual fish was delicious but my rice was less than extradonary.  It lacked everything that makes sushi so wonderful.  It was overcooked, mushed onto the seaweed and there was no hint of vinegar.

I did notify the manager and he made a small discount on my bill.  In addition, I inquired if the chefs had changed and he insisted that the staff was the same and that they just made a mistake today.

With that said, I will give them another try but am uncomfortable at this time recommending them as a spot to go try sushi.  (Their other food was delicious.)

I know this isn’t as “witty” as most of my posts but I take sushi very seriously.  If I had one thing to say to that sushi chef it would be “おお、ノーあなたはそうしませんでした.”  (Translation:  Oh no you did-ent)

PS There is a “script error” showing up on some computer screens. This is an Internet Explorer 8 issue which I have no control over.  Look for browser updates because they are having this problem with multiple blogs and are working on the issue.  Thanks for your patience.  (My husband says I should say I’m sorry about this problem but then again he thinks everything is my fault!)