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MVB WINNER, blogger, foodie

My name is Barbara Felt Miller.  I have evolved from a picky eater to an adventurous cook.  I currently reside in  a small town after living near Chicago for 28 years.  There are few dining options where I live so I have spent the last 18 years trying to develop my skills as a home cook and food explorer.  I may never be a gourmet but this blog will reveal the days when I have “felt like a foodie.”

*DISCLAIMER:  I DO NOT ACCEPT ANY MONETARY PAYMENTS FOR MY FOODIE FUN DAYS!  These are days where I receive an invitation to a meal or event or sometimes a place I just like.  My write-ups are solely to share my experiences and I am not compensated financially.  This blog is based on my hobby…learning about food.  I appreciate people helping me learn and keeping me in the loop.

Please feel free to contact me at or Facebook or Twitter @thefeltlikeafoodie or Instagram @Felt_Like_A_Foodie

MVB WINNER, blogger, foodie

I was recently asked about why I classified myself as a foodie and not a gourmet.  It’s really a simple explanation.  (Update September 2015:  Yes, I know “Foodie” is a term that some folks don’t like.  This food site has been up since 2011 and it sounded good with my maiden name of “Felt.”)

A gourmet is someone who has very refined tastes.  Their meals consist of elaborate preparation, presentation and ingredients.

A foodie is a person who loves everything from the production of the meal to the history of its origin.  We want the best food too but we also get thrilled about ordinary meals that taste great.  I also think that foodies like to get their hands “dirty” and be part of the magic of meal preparation.

I don’t think in a small town with limited resources it is possible to be a gourmet.  I do think I can take being a foodie to the next level!

The recipes in this blog have been inspired by many things such as family, cooking classes, magazine articles and chats with friends.  I adapt recipes to fit my cooking style and skill level.  I will do my best to give credit to the many people who have inspired me but if I for some reason I forget your name, I welcome a gentle reminder.


  1. Barb
    I don’t know if you remember me but my wife and I know Erin/Brian. I wanted to ask with the weather getting colder if you would be trying any White Chilli Chicken recipes.

  2. Kevin, I’m not a huge chili maker but I do love challenges. I’ll try to have one up in October!

  3. Hi, I am a friend of Lorraine M., and she emailed me about your web site.

  4. Any friend of Lorraine’s is a friend of mine. She is one of my favorites! : )

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  7. My mouth waters everytime I see this. I double dog dare you to make a receipe for this bad boy! I would be forever grateful! “Chorizo Mac, Spanish chorizo sausage, chipotle sauce, white cheddar and scallions. This dish warmed my belly from the first bite to the last. The heat from the chorizo and chipotle was enough to make your nose run but not burn your mouth.” No Scallions,, UCK!

  8. You know I can’t resist a dare!

  9. Eileen Brophy says:

    Hi Barb:

    I’m a friend of Renee. She told me about your blog and I think it’s great. I’m going to attempt (and I don’t use that lightly as I am not a natural in the kitchen at all) to make some of your deviled eggs for my family’s Easter brunch. I love the variety of flavors you have posted! Looking forward to trying other recipes and following your blog. Happy Easter!!

  10. Eileen, Just have fun with them and taste the “yellow” as you go along so you can figure out how you want them to taste. I loved the bacon ranch the best but my hubby liked the pickle relish. : )

  11. Ryan Loucks says:

    Grew up in small town NWI (Rolling Prairie), left in 1994, and just returned last year. After 10 years in Dallas, TX, a foodie mecca with more restaurants per capita than any other American city, the transition has not been easy. I discovered your blog, and find comfort in it. I especially appreciate the Foodie Fun Days as great food is difficult to find when you don’t know where you are looking. Thanks again.

    BTW: try Hesston Supper Club. That’s in my neck of the woods, literally, and it is amoung the best LaPorte County has to offer.

  12. Thanks for the kind email. I know the transition is hard (I was a Chicago gal when I moved here.) And we do like Hesston too! : )

  13. I love your reasoning and definition of “foodie”. Reminds me how defining oneself as a foodie can be enlightening and remind me how amazing the simple things in life truly are. Thank You for having a wonderful blog! 🙂 Now, I’m going to go check out some delicious food!

  14. Thanks for the nice compliments!!

  15. Barb,
    I enjoyed visiting with you at Starbucks! I love your blog! You are a true gem!

  16. It was great talking to you too! You know that Earl and I think the world of you too!

  17. Hello Barb
    I dont know if you know that I subscribe to and enjoy reading your blog every week.
    We dony really talk or see each other much but I love seeing how you are doing and feeling each week here. Your writing and foods are wonderful.
    Love you lil sis Jennifer

  18. Hi Barb – I just found Duneland Beach Inn yesterday. I haven’t eaten there yet, but was driving through the lovely area and noticed it. Their website led me to your blog, and I’ll be reading through your recipes and other reviews. I hope there are more recommendations in this area.

  19. I love Duneland Beach Inn. It is a really special place. My other favorite in the area is Sahara.

  20. Hi, Barb,
    My husband Chris and I really enjoyed chatting with you and Earl and the other lovely people at our table at Mercat last night. Your article is really great and captured the ambiance of the event beautifully! I’m looking forward to following your blog.

  21. Thanks Emily!!! I really appreciate you and Chris being such great company for Earl while I was distracted taking pictures!! Hope to see you at future events!

  22. Barb Watters says:

    Hi Barb! I’m a friend of Reed and over lunch this weekend he was telling me about your blog. I love it! In fact my personal chef (aka the b-friend) has already been tasked with making me your Daeji Bulgogi recipe post haste. Only thing I need to remember is that reading your blog is apt to make me very hungry. Our town has become quite a foodie environment, if you are ever in the Grand Rapids MI area, please let me know and I’d love to send some fun dining options your way.

  23. Thanks!!! I have been learning more about Korean food so I should have more blogs in the near future that you may really like too.

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