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Condiment Review

Gindo’s Spice Of Life Review

The spice of life. What are you doing right now to “spice” up YOUR life?  (And let’s keep it classy.)  Are you wearing different clothes that have been sitting in your closet?  Do you find yourself reading a newly discovered genre of books? Or maybe you’ve discovered a new television show to binge watch? As a blogger, it …


Wassup with Wasabi?

How do you feel about substitutions?  Do always cut up your garlic or do you sometimes take a scoop from the jar?  Do you make your beef stock from scratch or do you have a favorite boxed brand?  Do you always put real cream in your coffee or do use a “creamer?” This week I …

Canning Condiment Vegetable Veggie

Get Into My Jar

Finally… feels like spring!!!!!!!! HOOOORAY!!!!! My chore list for outside is a mile long but I am putting my vegetable garden first. I had started seeds inside this year and will confess that it was a complete fail. My yield was in the single digits. Sigh. I don’t know if I planted the seeds too …


Salt of the Earth

How many things do you take for granted?   It could it be something as amazing as a sunrise or basic as the smell of your soap. It could be a special moment like having a coffee with your mom or a lunch with a friend. Whatever it is, you may not think twice about it …


Time to Ketchup

Helllllooo July! I can’t believe you are here are here already. I haven’t had a chance to picnic or go to the beach. I haven’t gotten one tomato out of the garden and I’ve only worn shorts a couple of times. My patio furniture is still in storage and my hammock is all rolled up. …