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Tabbouleh Tantrum

You go into a restaurant for a nice dinner with your husband, your friend and her friend (who you’ve never met before.)  You share the pleasantries that start any meal like “what looks good” and “should we get an appetizer.”  The server comes takes your drink order and comes back to tell you the specials.  And then it …


Birthday Blog #49

49.  How the heck am I 49?  I’m not sure where the forties went…did I leave them somewhere and forget?  Is it a case of time flies when you are having fun? Could this be fake news? 49 is a big deal for me. I know I talk about my Crohn’s history every now and then but 30 years ago …


Being Present Potato

Do you ever read something and feel as the words process through your brain that your life is about to change?  Maybe you received a letter of acceptance from your first-choice college or it is an email offering you an amazing job.  It could be a book that touches your soul or dare I say …


Rest in Pink

I am a firm believer that life is like a book.  It can be long or short.  It can be well written or it can be a bit of a mess.  It can be of great historical importance or it can be almost so surreal that it seems like science fiction. There are chapters that …


Go Cubs Go

Pretty sea of blue Wafting slowly past my eyes Ebbing up and down A roar of pure emotion With a cheer of Go Cubs Go Today will be anything but a food blog (I did brush up on my poetic tanka skills). It is just purely a post of a lifelong Cubs fan. It is …