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Chicken Not Pies

I have been cursing a lot of folks lately. Not is a voodoo kind of way. I just think of something I don’t like and say “Curse you..blank-ity…blank…blanks.” This morning I was cursing all the folks who were rejoicing in the 60-degree weather we had in January and February because today in NW Indiana it …


Noticing the Little Things

Do you take time every day to appreciate the little things? It could be the first spring bunny hopping in your yard, the green of your daffodils trying to pop out of the ground or the sight of a chubby squirrel hanging off of your bird feeder. (Okay maybe I don’t appreciate the fact that …


Throw Me Some Beads?

As much as I have been enjoying my “Foodie Fun Days,” I will have to admit that I miss personal time cooking in my own kitchen. (My husband is missing it too.).  I am having a challenge keeping up with seasonality and miscellaneous holidays.  (Groundhog Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Spay Your Dog Day, Etc.) For example, …


Let It Marinate

I love when I open my email ( and find a request for the foodblog.  I take all my emails seriously and try to fill the demands of the public.  (Public meaning my relatives.) I received such an email this weekend.  It went something like this: Dear Foodie, You are incredibly talented, very funny and …