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Recipe Salads

Hail Caesar and Fish Sauce

10 years. Double Digits. A decade.  This month I celebrate the beginning of writing Felt Like a Foodie. I’m really proud of this achievement overall.  I’ve written hundreds of blogs and taken thousands of pictures.  I’ve met some incredibly famous people who have proven why their stars shine brightly.  I’ve also crossed paths with some chefs who have shown me that …

Recipe Salads

Romaine Calm

I think I need to compose myself.  I’m at that point that I need to make sure my fingers slow down and not type words I don’t mean but I’ve really had it.  I’m done. Ka-Poot!   I’m talking about this winter! I was misled last week by a “reliable source” that we’d only be seeing one more day …


Not Reinventing The Wheel or Cobb Salad

Reinventing the wheel.  Some say we should always be thinking of how to make things better and more efficient.  We can improve on concepts, make things visually more appealing and keep trying to better a product. We keep thinking that we can improve on things and yet we go back to square one…to the original…to …


A Mean Blood Orange Salad

There is something about the end of winter that brings out the worst in people.  I don’t know if it is the cold or lack of sunlight.  Maybe it is the fact that you don’t get out to see as many people you would like to because the roads are bad.  It could just be …


A NUDE Dining Option….

Naked. Buff. Nude. Stripped. Birthday Suit. Unclad. Bare. Would you go to a restaurant that would give you the option to eat in the nude and waited on by semi-dressed servers? Apparently, a restaurant in London is the new hot place to go to if this is on your bucket list of things to do. …

Italian Recipe Salads


Clothing. Who decided that we needed to wear clothing? We aren’t born that way. (If you think about it, you really can’t be created at all without some nudity involved.) Little kids seem to be content with walking around in the buff and there are parts of this world where indigenous nudity is the norm. …