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Guess Who Was Voted MVB??

I just found out that I was voted Chicago’s Most Valuable Blogger (Dining and Entertainment Division)!!!! Thank you soooooo much for your votes and support!!!  I am literally speechless. Given this will be the closest I will ever come to making an acceptance speech, I have to put out a couple of  special thank yous. …

Side Dish Veggie

Pattypan Squash or UFO?

August is my favorite month to go to farmer’s markets.  I just seem to find more food treasures during this time of the year.  Our stands seem to have everything from berries to tomatoes to beans.  (Sometimes they have nice young farmhands too but I’m not allowed to bring any of them home.) On my …

Italian Pasta Recipe

Lasagna as I know It

*I have deleted my original post and hope you will like my substitution. Who doesn’t like lasagna?  When you mention the dish; a person is likely to tell you about how their family made it.  Everyone’s family recipe is “the best” and people tend to lean toward the flavors they grew up eating. After I …