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Meet the Alternative to Meat?

Life is funny.  The last few weeks have been consumed with food. Whether it was writing about Chicago Northwest Restaurant Week (and eating at a ton of restaurants), writing about food adventures or taking an awesome baking class, all my attention has been on food.  With one exception, I haven’t been doing the best job of …


Time for a Bowl that Tastes Creole

Food magazines and food based television really have a hard job.  One would think that getting to spend your life devouring plates of food, traveling to exotic places and hob knobbing with the best chefs in the world would be the best job in the world.  (And it would….call me if anyone is interested in a middle …

Asian Soup

Tom Yum Sum

I think I have become kind of a penny pincher.  It is weird because I’m not a penny pincher about EVERYTHING.  I buy quality clothing and shoes but draw the line at super fancy purse. I do get my hair cut and colored professionally but I go to a home salon to get it done.  And usually with food, …

Beef Soup

A Souper Distraction

Do you get distracted easily?  Do you look at your phone every time it lights up?  Do you stop in midsentence when you suddenly remember something?  Do you see a hawk in the sky when you are driving and veer a little off the road?  It doesn’t take much for me but I get distracted. …


Keeping It Real

I love to make recipes from different areas of the world. I feel even though I may have never been to very many places, I can get a taste of what the natives are eating. (Unless there are areas where natives are eating natives, I won’t do that.) I sometimes am hesitant to write about …


Can’t Catch My Broth

There are a lot of things I love about winter. There is a beauty in the bare trees and snow covered fields. The animal tracks in our yard allow me to see who besides birds are coming to the feeder. The sun seems to shine directly on me as if it knows I am always …