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Pork Recipe

Menu Bored

She was tired.  You can see it in her eyes for they lacked a sparkle.  You can see it in her smile as little frown lines become more permanent.  Even how she stands looks like a person who is about to fall over.   It wasn’t because she was deprived of sleep, it was because she was starting to …


Drug of Choice

New.  It is funny how the turning of a calendar page turns everything new.  People have new goals, hairstyles and diet plans.  There are new sales, bargains and opportunities everywhere.  We even clean out drawers, closets and basements just to celebrate the start of something new. I can get behind fresh starts and new beginnings with the exception of …


No Time Tikka Masala

You know what is hard sometimes…being a food blogger.  Now before I get you shaking your head or wagging your finger at me, let me explain. I haven’t been cooking much lately….or eating as much either.  Between the balance of dog training and a few Crohn’s issues, it has been a little bit of a challenge to …


I’m a Muffin Monster

I have rewritten this sentence about a dozen times.  There is a factoid that I want to share but I can’t think of way to talk about it.  It isn’t anything mind-blowing or to be concerned about.  It is a little “quirk” about my personality that reared its ugly head the other day.  It has to do with …


3 Hot Dogs Walk into a Bar

A hotdog walks into a bar and asks for a drink.  The bartender replies “We don’t serve food here.”   Ah, yes, there is nothing like a bad joke or at least the ability to laugh at something. Quite “frank”ly, I have been a little consumed at finding the humor in life the last few weeks with …