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Mindset Reset: Midwestern Alfredo

Part 2: Mindset. A gigantic proportion of my blogging mindset was wrapped up with “authenticity” of recipes.  I haven’t done a genetic test but I come from a vast group of different nationalities.  I can’t claim anything I like to cook is one hundred percent derived from any one country.   I spend a considerable amount of time …


2022: Mindset Reset

Mindset.  For the most part, this is an aspect of our lives that we control.  We have the power to make moments of life either positive or negative.  Maybe my mindset at times can be a little too “Pollyanna” because I do try to look at the bigger picture and find one small thing that makes me glad. …


BEAN There, Done That

Bean there, done with that. Hello. It’s me.  Barb…aka Felt Like a Foodie.  I’m back.  I think. Sometimes you need a break. You would think the pandemic would have lit a fire under me to want to write instead I had feelings of jealousy watching every other person making cooking videos and doing it so much better than I …

Recipe Salads

Hail Caesar and Fish Sauce

10 years. Double Digits. A decade.  This month I celebrate the beginning of writing Felt Like a Foodie. I’m really proud of this achievement overall.  I’ve written hundreds of blogs and taken thousands of pictures.  I’ve met some incredibly famous people who have proven why their stars shine brightly.  I’ve also crossed paths with some chefs who have shown me that …

Pork Recipe

Menu Bored

She was tired.  You can see it in her eyes for they lacked a sparkle.  You can see it in her smile as little frown lines become more permanent.  Even how she stands looks like a person who is about to fall over.   It wasn’t because she was deprived of sleep, it was because she was starting to …


Drug of Choice

New.  It is funny how the turning of a calendar page turns everything new.  People have new goals, hairstyles and diet plans.  There are new sales, bargains and opportunities everywhere.  We even clean out drawers, closets and basements just to celebrate the start of something new. I can get behind fresh starts and new beginnings with the exception of …