Small Town. Big Taste.

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Foodie Fun Day

Say Yes To Shakou

Do you have things you can’t say no to?  Is it something like meeting a friend for coffee?  Maybe it is the offer of dessert at a restaurant?  It could be something as simple as joining a group of people at an awards dinner…whatever it is…do what makes you the happiest. I had the pleasure of being invited …


Happy Anniversary Hokkaido

When I moved to my small town in Indiana almost 18 years ago, it was an adjustment.  I missed my friends, family and job.  I had to adjust to a town that was not near everything (and by everything I meant shopping and my usual restaurants).  It was a learning experience and not always easy. …

Asian Foodie Fun Days

Tokio Pub

I am giggling, giggling from pure happiness.   It is almost uncontrollable like a hiccup but it feels much better.  The main reason for this spontaneous jocularity is that I had an absolutely fabulous lunch yesterday at Tokio Pub (1900 E. Higgins Road) in Schaumburg, IL. Have you heard of Tokio Pub?  It is conveniently located in the …