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Appetizer Asian Vegetable

Bean There. Done That.

Happy Friday Everyone…or for some of us does it matter what day it is because they are all running together?  I will admit that I am pretty good at knowing the days of the week because of my television habits.  I’m not sure if that is something to brag about….I know the days of the week….what’s on …

Asian Noodle

Pandemic Noodles and Petty Thoughts

I’ve discovered something amazing about my ability to write blogposts.  It isn’t really a gigantic lightbulb moment, it is something little I’ve known for years.  It is actually something that would be kind of obvious to most folks but for some reason it has taken me by surprise.  I can’t write with disruptions. I can handle a little …

Appetizer Asian

Hypocritical Oaf

If there was a “Hippocratic Oath” for blogging, I sometimes wonder what it would be.  Are there blogging ethics I should worry about?  Do I think I am doing Felt Like a Foodie justice? Are there rules we all should follow?  It popped into my head on my walk today when I was thinking of the recipe …

Asian Soup

Tom Yum Sum

I think I have become kind of a penny pincher.  It is weird because I’m not a penny pincher about EVERYTHING.  I buy quality clothing and shoes but draw the line at super fancy purse. I do get my hair cut and colored professionally but I go to a home salon to get it done.  And usually with food, …

Asian Chicken

Grand Theft Green Beans

I’m not sure where most of my readers live but this week has shown to be one of the most beautiful weeks here in NW Indiana.  It is the magical kind of weather where it is cool enough to wear a sweatshirt but warm enough to toss on shorts.  It is sunny enough that you …


Xiao Long Bao Or Mistake Memoir

Practice makes perfect or in some cases practice is just practice.  My past weekend goal was to make Chinese Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao).  Known also as basket dumplings or XLB,  they are probably my favorite dim sum option. To make them, you need to plan a day or so ahead because one of the …