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Mindset Reset: Midwestern Alfredo

Part 2: Mindset. A gigantic proportion of my blogging mindset was wrapped up with “authenticity” of recipes.  I haven’t done a genetic test but I come from a vast group of different nationalities.  I can’t claim anything I like to cook is one hundred percent derived from any one country.   I spend a considerable amount of time …


Time for a Bowl that Tastes Creole

Food magazines and food based television really have a hard job.  One would think that getting to spend your life devouring plates of food, traveling to exotic places and hob knobbing with the best chefs in the world would be the best job in the world.  (And it would….call me if anyone is interested in a middle …

Appetizer Baking

Have a Tart

I have a confession. So far, this year has not been one of my favorites….maybe you could tell because I haven’t been writing as much.  It started off on a couple of really hard notes that made the winter end with a snowstorm of emotion. The spring was consumed with dog training and my days were …

Chicago Northwest Restaurant Week Foodie Fun Day Foodie Fun Days Italian Pasta

Chicago Prime Italian: A Meet Northwest Chicago Foodie Fun Day

Happy Friday.  It is hard to believe it was just last week that I went to Schaumburg, IL to try some new favorite restaurants as part of a super-preview of Meet Chicago Northwest Restaurant week. (Check back on their website soon to see the participating restaurants.)  I’ll remind you again that the dates are February 23, …