Small Town. Big Taste.

Foodie VS Gourmet

I was recently asked about why I classified myself as a foodie and not a gourmet.  It’s really a simple explanation.

A gourmet is someone who has very refined tastes.  Their meals consist of elaborate preparation, presentation and ingredients.

A foodie is a person who loves everything from the production of the meal to the history of its origin.  We want the best food too but we also get thrilled about ordinary meals that taste great.  I also think that foodies like to get their hands “dirty” and be part of the magic of meal preparation.  I will honestly say that I think “foodies” are a little more simple and laid back….and I’m okay with that!

What it comes down to is that Foodie is just a word that I use.  I want Felt Like a Foodie to be relatable and fun and I hope that we can learn and grow together over the years.

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