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Challenges and Chicken Soup

I love a good challenge. Actually, I like the word challenge because it can mean so many different things.   For the athletically minded, challenges are usually a way to inspire and motivate people to accomplish bigger and better goals. We’ve all heard people who say my next challenge will be to run a marathon or 5K.  Nope, …

Beef comfort food

Everybody Loves Braciole

Do you like watching syndicated television?  Are you someone who knows every episode of Friends by heart?  Maybe you are a fan of Big Bang Theory because after years of watching it you may actually understand some of the science.  Or maybe you just like the simplicity of watching the Waltons over and over.  (My husband has an issue …

Asian Soup

Tom Yum Sum

I think I have become kind of a penny pincher.  It is weird because I’m not a penny pincher about EVERYTHING.  I buy quality clothing and shoes but draw the line at super fancy purse. I do get my hair cut and colored professionally but I go to a home salon to get it done.  And usually with food, …


A Sandwich Worth Sharing

How did you learn to share?   Does it go back to your earliest memories of childhood where you didn’t have a choice but to share with your siblings?  Were there things that you wanted to keep to yourself only to share them later because it was the right thing to do?  As an adult, sharing …


You say Potato, I say Poutine

One of the best things about writing about food is that there is always something new to learn about. There are trends with certain foods like quinoa, bacon and kale. (Bacon is not a trend to me because I’ve been all over it for years!) I’ve seen how the definition of healthy eating can range …