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The Birthday Blog: The Road to 50

Like it or not, I turned 50 yesterday.  I love a good milestone birthday to make you take a look at yourself.  With the passage of time, I’m sure everyone looks at the road markers of their life.  Where have they gone?  Where should they be? Who has passed them on the way? What has limited someone’s dreams? …


Birthday Blog #49

49.  How the heck am I 49?  I’m not sure where the forties went…did I leave them somewhere and forget?  Is it a case of time flies when you are having fun? Could this be fake news? 49 is a big deal for me. I know I talk about my Crohn’s history every now and then but 30 years ago …


The Birthday Blog #47

Another year conquered….PHEW! Something weird happened this year…I think I started aging. (At least physically, I am still mentally very immature and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.) I looked in the mirror this morning and took notice of the little things that remind me that I am not getting any younger. I know …


The Birthday Blog #46

Sigh. I made it. My heart feels so happy as I close out my 45th year. Like every year of life, I can find lows and highs. There are moments that I wouldn’t mind erasing and there are others that I want tattooed on my memory. I have shed a few tears and have had …


The Birthday Blog #45

Something happened. It is kind of horrible and wonderful all at the same time. I am trying to find the right words to use to talk about it but I’m almost speechless. But here it goes….I turned 45!!! 45!!!!!! How the heck am I 45???? I looked in the mirror this morning and thought, “Is …