Small Town. Big Taste.

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Pork Tinga: Cinco de Mayo Part Dos

There is nothing more exciting in a small town than the opening of a new restaurant.  (If you read the headlines on our front page you will realize the truth in that statement!)  It can be anything from a small independent sandwich shop to a larger franchise coming to the area.  If it involves new …


Bibimbap or BibimBarb?

One of the most challenging parts about cooking in a small town is staying “authentic” in ethnic recipes.  It may be something you grew up eating or a flavor you only tried once but trying to recreate it with limited resources may be just enough of a hitch to keep you from attempting the creation …

Side Dish Veggie

Tweaked Leeks

When a gal gets married, there are a lot of wonderful benefits that come along with the husband.  You have a partner.  You have a friend.  You have in-laws!!!!!! In-laws, the little secret no one warns you about before you marry.  (I did warn one of my brother in laws but he didn’t listen to …


Not Your Ma’s Ball Soup

It is springtime, which means a lot of things to different people.  I love seeing the green growing on the trees and the early buds of a flower’s first bloom.  It is also the time of year when people celebrate Easter and Passover.  (FYI:  My birthday is also in the spring and there are only …


Dying for Deviled Eggs

Over the past year, I have shared a lot of stories with you.  (By stories, I mean my issues that my therapist says I need to let go.)  One of my favorite stories is about dying Easter eggs with my sisters. Every year, my mom would hard boil a bunch of eggs, break out the …

Texas Chunky Chili
Beef Recipe

March Away Winter Chili

Neighbors.  Love them or hate them, they are part of your life.  I am VERY fortunate to be surrounded by one of the best groups of neighbors a gal could ever ask for.  (This is the part that I am buttering them up because I am posting one of their recipes.) We are a multifaceted …