Small Town. Big Taste.

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Bacon Breakfast Potato

Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes.  Do you ever feel like your life is small potatoes compared to the bigger picture?  I’ve been trying to write a post for the past couple of weeks and all I do is delete what I type because I feel like it is such a tiny view in world that seems so large. My first …

Appetizer Bacon

It’s My Kitchen….

Do you ever get a case of the grumpies?  You grumble, mumble and lash out.  You can’t be cheered up no matter what anyone says or does.  You may even start to react violently and fling scrambled eggs across the room.  (What kind of lunatic does that…um…thanks for cleaning mine up, Honey.) I had a …


A Writer’s Bacon Block

I’ve got writer’s block.  I keep sitting at my computer and I type a few paragraphs, reread it and then delete.  It seems relevant as I type but then I hear a little singsong voice in my head going “booooring.”  (I really hate that voice.)  I think the reason I’m mentally obstructed is that I …

Bacon Beef

My First Festivus

Are you happy that the holidays are over?  I am. To put it mildly, I was a super sourpuss this year.  Was it because I was naughty and I knew Santa would be skipping my chimney this year?  Noooo. Was it because I have Scrooge genes coursing through my blood?  Noooo.  (Okay, there is a …