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Beef comfort food

Everybody Loves Braciole

Do you like watching syndicated television?  Are you someone who knows every episode of Friends by heart?  Maybe you are a fan of Big Bang Theory because after years of watching it you may actually understand some of the science.  Or maybe you just like the simplicity of watching the Waltons over and over.  (My husband has an issue …

Beef Soup

A Souper Distraction

Do you get distracted easily?  Do you look at your phone every time it lights up?  Do you stop in midsentence when you suddenly remember something?  Do you see a hawk in the sky when you are driving and veer a little off the road?  It doesn’t take much for me but I get distracted. …


Red Gold Summer Grilling Giveaway

My tomatoes are not doing well this year. They are getting too much rain. So instead of having my usual bounty of July tomatoes, I have very tall green plants. The only thing red in my garden right now is my watering can! So when Red Gold Tomatoes and Laura’s Lean Beef (Laura’s Lean Beef …