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Appetizer Eggs

An Egg-Citing Controversy

Controversy.  I was talking to a friend last week and finally pinpointed why I haven’t felt like blogging and it is all because of controversy. The last thing I ever wanted to do on this forum was to stir up controversy but lately it seems like there is a dispute about every topic in the world including …

Appetizer Eggs

Muffuletta Deviled Eggs

With everything going on in the world today, it is kind of nice to have things that are part of your “old” normal routine.  Whether you have a certain day you wash the sheets or a soup you eat every Monday, it gives you a sense of control over a life that is currently uncontrollable.   I’ve …


Pump Up the Jammy Egg

What do you think of eggs? Are they a go-to morning food or do you eat them anytime of the day?  Are you only a scrambled person or do you change it up based upon your mood? Do you look at a meal and think it would be better with an egg on top or is your …

Appetizer Eggs

Deviled Eggs 2017

Drum roll please….it is time for the Annual….DEVILED….EGGS…blog!!!!! (I guess I gave it away in the title.) Hooray!!!!!!!! I think this has become one of my favorite blogs on Felt Like a Foodie. I know that if I didn’t feel the pressure to write about deviled eggs every year…I probably wouldn’t force myself to experiment …

Asian Eggs

My Super Bowls

*** I am still trying to work out the “comment” bug on the new website. I am also trying to lighten up the backgrounds. Thanks for your patience during this transition……and now on to this weeks post.**** Super Bowl weekend is upon us. Are you excited? Is your team playing? Do you know who is …


Don’t Judge a Quiche By Its Color

Writing Felt Like a Foodie sometimes is overwhelming. There is a pressure to make sure my recipes are correct, ingredients are accessible and it is a relevant post. (By relevant, I mean, it can hold your interest so you don’t only look at the picture….especially today’s picture!  ZOIKS!!!) As I start to approach my 5-year …