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Mexican Recipe rice Soup

Cultural Appreciation

After my taco crawl blog last week, I got into a conversation with a few people about cultural appropriation.  I usually stay away from anything that may be considered a “hot topic” but I felt that this particular cultural guardian that I spoke to needed to understand the difference between “appropriation” and “appreciation.” If you hadn’t …

Mexican Soup

Chard in my Plants

Have you tried any new foods lately?  Not just tried them but learned a way to like them?  Do you do it willingly or is there some hesitation?  Will you taste it multiple times to see if you truly like it or are you a one bite and done? Even in all my food adventures, …


Technology of the Taco Pantry

You know what I hate? Technology. Not all technology….just when it makes life more difficult. You know little things like when you are doing the self-checkout at the grocery store and the machine won’t read your barcode because it is crinkled. Wasn’t it just easier to type in the barcode than to wait for some …

Mexican rice Side Dish

Rice Rice Baby

My apologies to Vanilla Ice.  I know he likes to cook so I am hoping this will be flattering to him…. Be happy right now that I did not make a video to accompany my mutilation of this awesome classic rap song. Yo, homecooks, let’s kick it! Rice rice baby Rice rice baby All right …