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Seafood Simple

A shrimp…just a shrimp.

I am a shrimp.  Think about it if you were something…anything…that lived in water…what would you be? Could you be a jellyfish? Something that people look at in awe but maybe not something approachable. Are you a salmon? Always going upstream to keep the circle of life going. Maybe you are a narwhal? The magical badass of the ocean. …


Sister Scampi

If you think about the people who molded you, who are they? Maybe your parents were your biggest influence? Maybe a teacher was the person who taught you the most? Maybe during your darkest days there was a nurse by your side? I can look at a lot of people in my life and pinpoint …


Mobster Lobsters

We came home to a surprise on Saturday….a box of lobsters from Boston. LIVE LOBSTERS!!!! Have you ever had a box delivered to your house that moved?! It was just crazy. It was somewhat shocking to me to see them moving about. As a carnivore, I understand that before my food gets in a pretty …