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Your Happiness Is All In Your Noodle

The anger. The resentment. The name-calling. The accusations. The foulness. The glares. The ignorance. The bitterness. The pettiness. The disillusion. These are the words that keep streaming past my eyes when I think of one thing….being apathetic to pasta noodle options. It is such a personal decision and people take great pride in their choice. …

Italian Pasta

Beg, Borrow or Steal

I’m a thief…a no good rotten thief!!! Now before you start looking at FBI posters for my picture, let me say what I’m guilty of. I steal from restaurants….kind of. You are probably saying “Barb, you can’t “kind of” steal. You either do it or you don’t!” Let me tell you what I steal before …

Italian Pasta Recipe

Lasagna as I know It

*I have deleted my original post and hope you will like my substitution. Who doesn’t like lasagna?  When you mention the dish; a person is likely to tell you about how their family made it.  Everyone’s family recipe is “the best” and people tend to lean toward the flavors they grew up eating. After I …

Italian Pasta Story

Grandma’s Manicotti

Even though I was a picky eater as a child, there was one meal that always got me to clean my plate….Grandma’s Manicotti.  It usually graced the table during the holidays or special birthdays.  I didn’t appreciate back then that everything from the sauce to the shells was made from scratch.  I did know it …