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Mindset Reset: Midwestern Alfredo

Part 2: Mindset. A gigantic proportion of my blogging mindset was wrapped up with “authenticity” of recipes.  I haven’t done a genetic test but I come from a vast group of different nationalities.  I can’t claim anything I like to cook is one hundred percent derived from any one country.   I spend a considerable amount of time …


BEAN There, Done That

Bean there, done with that. Hello. It’s me.  Barb…aka Felt Like a Foodie.  I’m back.  I think. Sometimes you need a break. You would think the pandemic would have lit a fire under me to want to write instead I had feelings of jealousy watching every other person making cooking videos and doing it so much better than I …

Appetizer Eggs

Muffuletta Deviled Eggs

With everything going on in the world today, it is kind of nice to have things that are part of your “old” normal routine.  Whether you have a certain day you wash the sheets or a soup you eat every Monday, it gives you a sense of control over a life that is currently uncontrollable.   I’ve …


Keeping It Real

I love to make recipes from different areas of the world. I feel even though I may have never been to very many places, I can get a taste of what the natives are eating. (Unless there are areas where natives are eating natives, I won’t do that.) I sometimes am hesitant to write about …


Preserving Memories

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I have always loved that saying. Every now and then, you get handed things that may not be what you currently desire but you just have to make the most of it. Lately, my plate has been full (and not in the fun fill my tummy kind of …