Mindset.  For the most part, this is an aspect of our lives that we control.  We have the power to make moments of life either positive or negative.  Maybe my mindset at times can be a little too “Pollyanna” because I do try to look at the bigger picture and find one small thing that makes me glad.

Examples like…The temperature is 20 but I’m glad the sun is out.  I miss my family but I’m glad to have something so valuable that I miss it so much.  My face sure has gotten wrinkly but I’m glad that my smiles can be copied with the lines on my cheeks.  (Okay that is pushing it!)

Writing this blog this past year has challenged my mindset.  With the state of the world and the cynical views that are passed off as evening news, my viewpoint was starting to sway a little bit darker.  I’d sit down to write and the words that tapped off my fingertips were far from issues that belong on a food blog let alone one that tries to stay on the positive side of all standpoints.

So, I stopped searching for the words and let them find me.  I needed this break to prove to myself that sometimes you need to take a step back and acknowledge not only the things you like about yourself but reveal some of the parts that may not be as flattering.

After a year (and more) of literally wearing a mask, I started to feel like I could not hide anymore. My feelings of inadequacies come simply from my own insecurities in life.  This is a struggle I’ve been aware of for years but rarely vocalize.

These opinions of myself always have rattled in my head but almost hurt when I’d allow them to be written on the paper of a journal or a stroke of the keyboard. 

But I’ve decided this is MY blog.  To write, I must be able to feel every moment that fills my days.  My days in the kitchen aren’t only inspired by joy, they are executed somedays to escape.  To continue on my writing journey, I plan on sharing more.  Most of these moments will be the silliness that is the essential backbone of who I am.  There may be a day where my recipe was motivated more out of a craving rather than to share a moment where I “Felt Like a Foodie”….and maybe it will be a little bit of both….a girl who craved some noodles but wanted to share the history behind the bowl………to be continued.