Small Town. Big Taste.

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Tabbouleh Tantrum

You go into a restaurant for a nice dinner with your husband, your friend and her friend (who you’ve never met before.)  You share the pleasantries that start any meal like “what looks good” and “should we get an appetizer.”  The server comes takes your drink order and comes back to tell you the specials.  And then it …


Taking Steps

Let me apologize for being a bit distracted this week and not getting a food blog up. I signed up this week to “Take Steps” with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation at the end of April.  It is a small walk in Fort Wayne, Indiana but it is a huge step for me. I wanted …

Sandwich Sauce

It’s a Miracle

I’m fine but I’m whipped. I am so lucky that I have friends who care so much about me that they realize I’m sick when my blog and Facebook posts decrease. So, because I can’t keep up with the emails/messages….my Crohn’s is having a bit of a flare right now and decided to bring along …


The Birthday Blog #46

Sigh. I made it. My heart feels so happy as I close out my 45th year. Like every year of life, I can find lows and highs. There are moments that I wouldn’t mind erasing and there are others that I want tattooed on my memory. I have shed a few tears and have had …