Small Town. Big Taste.

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Bacon Breakfast Potato

Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes.  Do you ever feel like your life is small potatoes compared to the bigger picture?  I’ve been trying to write a post for the past couple of weeks and all I do is delete what I type because I feel like it is such a tiny view in world that seems so large. My first …

Bread Breakfast

Crazy Monkey Bread

So it has been five weeks since surgery and everything is going as expected. I am still taking it easy and am getting a little stir crazy trying to fill my days around the house. I’ve had plenty of time to do crafts, read about food and watch copious amounts of television. The hardest part …

Breakfast Eggs

Feeling Scrambled

Do you ever feel like your brain is scrambled? That confused feeling when you are trying to complete a simple task but for some reason it isn’t coming easily. You know the solution but for some reason you just can’t get there. (If I were a little older, I’d just say “senior moment” but I …