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An Excuse to Make Reubens

Excuses.  Do you find them or do they find you?  I sit down to write and it is always something.  The dog wants to go out. There is someone at the door.  The phone won’t stop ringing.  There is a fascinating text chain between my dog friends.  I see dust on the window. The timer goes off.  My water glass is empty.  I …

Sandwich Sauce

SOS (Save Our Sandwich)

Stupid…..stupid…stupid..stupid.  This is what I was saying on Friday night.  We were going to have weekend company and I thought I would try something new for dinner.  Nooooooo!!!  You are NEVER supposed to do that!  What happens if it doesn’t turn out?  What happens if it is overcooked? Now a normal person would not go …

Sandwich Sauce

It’s a Miracle

I’m fine but I’m whipped. I am so lucky that I have friends who care so much about me that they realize I’m sick when my blog and Facebook posts decrease. So, because I can’t keep up with the emails/messages….my Crohn’s is having a bit of a flare right now and decided to bring along …


A Sandwich Worth Sharing

How did you learn to share?   Does it go back to your earliest memories of childhood where you didn’t have a choice but to share with your siblings?  Were there things that you wanted to keep to yourself only to share them later because it was the right thing to do?  As an adult, sharing …


The Moist Political Blog On Chicken Salad

Moist. Mooooist. MOIST. MOIST!!!! I have just read a bunch of articles that state that the word “moist” makes people feel uncomfortable.  (This article from Mental Floss was my favorite.) Apparently, it is now a word that people avoid at all costs….but not me…the word moist is not the worst word out there right now. …