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Meet the Alternative to Meat?

Life is funny.  The last few weeks have been consumed with food. Whether it was writing about Chicago Northwest Restaurant Week (and eating at a ton of restaurants), writing about food adventures or taking an awesome baking class, all my attention has been on food.  With one exception, I haven’t been doing the best job of …

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Hyatt Regency Schaumburg & Gallagher’s: A Chicago Northwest Restaurant Week to Remember

Guess what today is?!?! Today is March 6…and that means only one thing…Chicago Northwest Restaurant Week (March 6-March 15, 2020) has officially started!  I’ve been sharing some bites to entice you from the expansive group of restaurants participating this year.  So many places to go…how do you choose?  How do you get the most out of this amazing week? …


Time for a Bowl that Tastes Creole

Food magazines and food based television really have a hard job.  One would think that getting to spend your life devouring plates of food, traveling to exotic places and hob knobbing with the best chefs in the world would be the best job in the world.  (And it would….call me if anyone is interested in a middle …