Controversy.  I was talking to a friend last week and finally pinpointed why I haven’t felt like blogging and it is all because of controversy. The last thing I ever wanted to do on this forum was to stir up controversy but lately it seems like there is a dispute about every topic in the world including the world of food.

I like to consider myself sensitive to others but there are just SOOOO many different mindsets these day that I feel like every word I type is going to cause dissention with someone. 

My rambles are meant to amuse and hopefully inspire you to think differently about food.  I like to think of my audience filled with open minded people who read my words as a way to lift them up.

The last year has been something else.  I’m in no way trying to diminish all the different issues.  We’ve all had our hot buttons or topics.  I dare to say I have even yelled at the television set a time or two.  There are topics that have touched our hearts, changed our minds and fired up our souls.  

The world is a huge place. We are always going to do something that someone is going to find unauthentic to how they grew up but take the time to ask “why” we make things the way we do instead of immediately thinking others are wrong for trying.  We might learn something and pass on a fabulous tradition to a new generation.  

Like the food, I’m talking about today…. devilled eggs.  Why do we all cut our eggs lengthwise instead of cutting them in half? I know there is someone out there who isn’t going to read anymore but hear me out. 

There is always that one bite of egg that is all white.  The white part is tasty but don’t we all want that yellow creamy middle?  Why don’t we cut our eggs in half so we get white and yellow in one bite? It really made sense when I was looking at it that way.

Then there is that wobble factor to consider but if you cut your eggs lengthwise you still wobble.  Yes, I know they make egg plates so that you can avoid the wobble but what about the folks with limited cabinet space?  Are they doomed to have devilled eggs that flip flop for the rest of their lives?  I should hope not.  

If you take your hard-boiled egg and cut a sliver off both ends, they will stand up perfectly….no special plate and limited teeter.  You can add that little bit you cut off to your filing to bulk it up a little.  (We all know you can’t overfill a devilled egg.)

I had some fun tonight making devilled eggs.  Normally, I make a bunch of different fillings.  This year, I took a walk on the controversial side.  I cut my eggs in half widthwise and then dipped the white parts in different spice mixes I had in my cabinet.  It was wonderful and easy.  

Here is what you do:

  • Make your hard-boiled eggs.  (I do the 5 minutes in boiling water, 15 off heat and covered.)  
  • Cool them in an ice bath.
  • Peel.
  • Cut a sliver off of both eggs (top and bottom)…don’t toss them…put them in the bowl you will be mixing your yolk filling.
  • Cut in half widthwise
  • Pop out the middles carefully.
  • Add to the bowl of slivered egg whites.
  • Mix up your favorite filling (6 egg yolks, 3 Tablespoons mayo, 1 tsp Dijon mustard, 1 tsp of pickle juice, salt and pepper.  If my mix isn’t smooth enough, I’ve started adding in hummus and I LOVE how that tastes.)
  • Find some herb mixes in pantry.  I used a paprika one, chives, This Little Goat Belize and some random Weber grill garlic seasoning.
  • Sprinkle on small individual plates.
  • Dip the rims of your egg whites in one of the seasonings.
  • Place on a larger platter.
  • Pipe in your filling.
  • Enjoy

No need to sprinkle paprika on top because they all look so colorful you want the yellow to pop!

I really enjoyed the white to yellow ratio I achieved in each bite. 

I’ve written this post over and over multiple times.  In essence, I just want people to start listening to other’s logic before deciding to cancel them out.  It is amazing what you may learn about a friend and you may just find out something egg-citing!