Half of the year is almost over!!!  Do you sit and think that it went fast?  Maybe it went too slow? It could be you are glad that there is only half of 2020 left! It has been a downright crazy year.

I have had a really hard time getting focused on writing.  I’ve had plenty to say (ask my mom) but I’m not sure of how to write it. Do I touch upon hot topics or do I just talk about my daily activities?  I keep feeling if I write a cutesy story about my life that I’m not being sensitive to all that is going on around in the world.  

Everything from COVID-19, racism, the economy, job insecurity, food shortages and fear seem to be a lot bigger than me talking about what to do with the extra cans of tuna I bought when the pandemic started.  (And for my regular readers, you know that means this post is going to have a tuna recipe at the end.)

I think what it comes down to in my mind right now, I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking.  I’ve come to one conclusion, I’m pretty simple. I definitely have my caustic moments when I’m yelling at the TV news because I can’t stand what I hear.  (I will blame that on becoming 50.)  But I also just have these moments where I think if I am super nice to everyone it will be like a butterfly effect and spread across the nation.

I was told recently that my Pollyanna attitude may not be the solution to anything but part of me is naïve to think it is just what this world needs.  Maybe if people would just respect all the unknowns right now and understand we have different ways of processing, we wouldn’t have so much conflict. Maybe if people would acknowledge mistakes in the past and admit there are things to learn from those errors that we can move forward.  Maybe if we just thought of others before we thought of ourselves, we wouldn’t be so wrapped up with things that really don’t matter.  Maybe we all need to start small by doing one small thing each day for someone with the thought we don’t need anything in return but a smile.  

As you can see, my mind has been all over the place.  It just seems like there is a lot of baggage that comes with this first half of this year. I’ve spent a lot of time walking, working in my garden and enjoying my crafts.  I’d like to say each of these minutes are filled with poignant thoughts of World Peace and Good Health but honestly my brain regresses and I spend a lot of time thinking of everything that makes me grateful.

There are things I’ve really loved about the first part of this year.  I’ve had an abundance of time with my husband and I kind of like the guy still.  I’ve turned my craft space into a “happy zone” and have spent hours in there allowing my creative side shine.  My dog walks have allowed me the freedom to wave to complete strangers every day and create a sense of community.  And yes, there are things I have missed but I don’t want to miss out on thinking of the things I enjoyed by moping about everything that has been out of control.  

Are you noticing one thing that I haven’t talked about….cooking!!  Amongst all the things I should be enjoying right now, cooking “should” top that list but alas my range broke pretty much when the quarantine started.  My new one isn’t going to be delivered until mid-July. So currently, I am cooking on one burner, a broiler and a grill.  Toss in the limitations of what I can find at the grocery or where I can shop, it has not been a fun cooking year for me.

The other day, I looked in my pantry and saw my cans of tuna.  (When talks of a meat shortage started, I bought a few extra.)  I felt annoyed that these tuna cans were taking up valuable pantry real estate (you know they were in the place I usually have my chips) and decided to use a couple of them up.  

The first thing that came to mind was tuna salad. I started to have a memory of having tuna salad on a croissant when I was younger and thought that was so fancy.  (I think it was also fancy because it had a frilly red toothpick holding each half together…that is classy!)

So here is to a little simplicity to commemorate the first half of a complicated year, may we celebrate the strength we all have deep inside.  (Underneath all the weight we gained from stress eating!!!)

Tuna Salad on a Croissant.


3 stalks of celery, finely diced (if your celery has the leafy tops…include those!)

3 green onions, finely diced

1 tsp of pickle relish (I would have added 2 teaspoons but that is all that was in the house)

1 tsp Dijon 

Zest and juice from a half of a lemon

10 ounces (or so) of your favorite canned tuna (don’t forget to drain it if it is water based)

3 Tbsp of mayonnaise (add 1 at a time to make sure it doesn’t get too soupy)

Salt and pepper to taste (or if you used a flavored tuna packet, you may be able to omit any extra seasoning)

Spring mix (or bibb lettuce)


Frilly toothpick (optional)


In a medium bowl, add celery, onions, pickle relish, Dijon, lemon zest, lemon juice and tuna.  Mix until thoroughly incorporated but don’t mash it all up.

Add mayo, 1 tablespoon at a time and mix gently.  I like it less “mayo-y” so this is all on how you like it.

Taste.  Add salt and pepper per your taste.

Cut open your croissant lengthwise.  Put lettuce on the top AND Bottom.  (This keeps from having a soggy croissant.)

Add desired amount of tuna salad.  (We got 3 sandwiches out of our recipe but we were pretty heavy on the tuna salad.)