I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who reads “Felt Like a Foodie” for voting during the CBS MVB contest.  (One last hint for you to vote for me.) The outpouring of support I have received has truly been a gift!  (Not as good of a gift as winning but that isn’t the correct thing to say is it?) The results should be out next week and I hope to be announcing my new title!Read More →

Last week I went out to lunch at a quirky fun bistro and was excited to see “Garden Fresh Tomato Soup” on the menu.  Tomatoes in NW Indiana and Chicagoland (shameless voting reminder) have been so good this season that I was thrilled to try the seasonal soup. The friend I was with inquired if it was vegetarian.  After our waitress rolled her eyes (seriously she rolled her eyes), she replied that what else would tomato soup be but vegetarian.  So my highly inquisitive friend inquired if the soup base was water or broth.  (She wasn’t being snooty she was just curious.)  Our waitress blurtedRead More →

The only thing I love more than eating sushi is talking about sushi.  (Picky People don’t stop reading yet, I may entice you.)  Over the years it has become one of my favorite foods.  I don’t know if it is the artistry that is involved with each piece or the expansive flavors the chef (itamae) incorporates in each bite.  Either way, it is probably one of the foods I am most passionate about eating. If you have never had sushi, I have a ton of recommendations for you to make your first experience a pleasant one.  First, don’t buy the stuff sold pre-packaged at theRead More →

In-spire (verb used with a subject) to produce or arouse (a feeling or emotion, etc.) to influence   I am frequently asked what inspires me when I cook.  The two definitions above help me answer this question. First, I find preparing food to be a very arousing, emotional experience.  Aroused, you ask?  Yep, that is the word for it.  (No, I’m not going to talk about anything freaky here.  Get your mind out of the gutter.) I use the word aroused to point to all of my senses.  I love to see the gorgeous colors of fresh picked produce.  The smell emitted by a handfulRead More →

I was very excited last week because one of my favorite stores had roasting chickens on sale.  The thought of cooking this chicken was so thrilling that I had to call one of my friends about my bird.  Her response was “what do you do with a roasting chicken?”  (She is one of my prettiest friends.)  My response was “Um, roast it?”  She claimed that she had never roasted a bird before…EVER!  How is that possible?  How do your parents let you leave the coop without teaching you the easiest cooking techniques? I always thought it was one of those common meals in households onRead More →

August is my favorite month to go to farmer’s markets.  I just seem to find more food treasures during this time of the year.  Our stands seem to have everything from berries to tomatoes to beans.  (Sometimes they have nice young farmhands too but I’m not allowed to bring any of them home.) On my last trip to the “market”, I was asked if I was interested in some squash that they were offering as a special for that afternoon.  To my surprise, I was handed a small bag of these freaky looking flying saucers posing as squash!  (I always have a heads up inRead More →

There is something that comes along with a marriage.  You may like it, you may not.  You may want to be part of it all the time or maybe just on special occasions.  There may be days you will feign a headache just to get away from it.  Any married person would know that I am talking about time with your in-laws! When I married my husband, I didn’t know that he came with his own cast of characters.  I sort of knew his immediate family and the nuts that fell from that family tree but I had no clue what was on the otherRead More →

*I have deleted my original post and hope you will like my substitution. Who doesn’t like lasagna?  When you mention the dish; a person is likely to tell you about how their family made it.  Everyone’s family recipe is “the best” and people tend to lean toward the flavors they grew up eating. After I wrote this blog, I heard quite a few opinions about lasagna and family recipes.  I was right that people are really, really  passionate about their sauce and recipe.  I completely accept that sentiment and hope that people realize that I am just writing down my thoughts, memories of my Chicagoland (anotherRead More →

It is an honor just to be nominated???  Nope, I want to win!!!!  I have the joy of being nominated as one of the BEST (tooting my horn) blogs in Chicagoland! So now, I need your votes to win!! Please vote (click here) for me every day!!!  I would appreciate your support.  Read More →

One thing that has kept my marriage of almost 13 years strong is Date Night.  To most people that probably means going out to dinner, maybe dancing or a movie.  For us, it means a night to eat dates!  (Just kidding, we aren’t that lame.) I had never had a date before I met my husband.  (I’m talking fruit not social life!)  We were on a date night at a tapas restaurant and ordered a dish of dates stuffed with goat cheese. I was a little scared when the plate came to the table.  The dates looked like an overgrown raisin crammed with cheese.  BeingRead More →