During our single digit days of winter, I had an obsession.  It wasn’t anything too perverse or weird at least by my standards.  It was something that made me excited about the new year and trying new things.  (I can see how your mind is wandering.) I was preoccupied with following Steve Dolinsky’s Facebook and Twitter Feed.  If you don’t know Steve Dolinksy, he does an amazing job of exploring the food universe on a segment called the Hungry Hound on ABC in Chicago.  But he is much more than a Chicago food explorer, he travels and does an amazing job of explaining new foodsRead More →

Do you ever look at a menu’s specials of the day and want to scream?  I don’t mean “literally” scream, more of a “you’ve got to be kidding me” scream.  I’m hoping you say yes or I might need to start looking at anger management.  (I’d trade spaghetti sauce for some good therapy.) I bring this up because I noticed the other day that it took all my self-control to not comment online to a certain restaurant’s “specials.”  They list the same ones almost EVERY week online and in the restaurant!!  At first, I thought I saw some variance…yep…the date changed.  And then I thoughtRead More →

Do you have an extra freezer? I do. I really love having the convenience of buying things on sale or bulkier items and have a place to put them. The problem is that they can be overwhelming at times. I looked in mine the other day and just had so many thoughts go through my head. I first thought, why do I have so much bacon? Apparently, I buy bacon on sale and freeze it for a rainy bacon day. I have thick cut, thin cut, cherry smoked and duck bacon. (No…there is no turkey bacon…because plain and simply…I hate it.) I also found someRead More →

When I walk down the streets of Chicago, my imagination goes wild. I look at the different buildings and wonder what unhidden treasures lay beyond the walls. I try to figure out if the structure is a residence, business or BOTH! It seems like you could walk past one building and realize it is composed of many different things. So when I was invited to go have dinner at Maxwell’s at the Club, which is just IN the East Bank Club, (500 N. Kingsbury St., Chicago) I was perplexed. I thought the East Bank Club was a private sports/fitness complex. I didn’t think there wasRead More →

My husband and I did something the other day that we haven’t done for a loooooong time. It is stereotypically something guys want to do more than girls but this time I was pushing for it. The interesting thing is that he only wanted to do it if we had another couple involved. Since I am a good sport, I said yes. If this was the only way he was going to do this…the more the merrier! I couldn’t wait to see the bases again and to see who would get the first homerun! Are you like this too? Do you like professional ball games?Read More →

It was like a cloud was hanging over my head. Everyone else was walking around like nothing was wrong but I felt like rain was falling just on my head. I stumbled in circles saying to myself “What am I going to do? What am I going to do?” As I choked back my tears, I took a deep breath and finally had to tell myself “It is going to be okay.” I knew this wasn’t going to define me and I could get over it and move forward. I am sure everyone has had these kinds of moments in their lives. What I’m notRead More →

I was working in my garden this week trying to find the perfect tomato for a BLT.  Okay, it was the ONLY tomato in my garden that was willing to sacrifice its life for my sandwich.  (Mother Nature continues to play havoc on my garden this year.) As I plucked this bright red beauty from the vine and inhaled that earthy essence only a tomato plant can emit, I thought to myself why is a BLT called a BLT?  Now I know the obvious reason…it is an abbreviation for the sandwich ingredients of bacon, lettuce and tomato.  But my brain started to wonder why THISRead More →

That is it!!!  I’ve had it!!!  This winter is absurd!!  Yes, I know I live in the Midwest BUT that doesn’t mean I have to be flogged by snow every 3 days.  I was feeling like there was a light at the end of the igloo but this morning we are getting hit again!  (And why is that when a storm hits us we don’t get to name it but when it hits the east coast it gets a fun name?) I miss being able to just go out without thinking about the roads or if my trip is absolutely necessary.  My time snowed inRead More →

Meatballs.  Did you ever see that movie from 1979?  I wasn’t feeling well the other day and it was on one of the “classic” movie channels.  (I always feel old when movies I grew up with end up on the classic channels.) I couldn’t resist cuddling up in my woobie and watching the whole thing.  I’ve seen it numerous times since I was a kid but it is fun to watch movies like that at different ages in your life.  (I never did see it in the theatre.  I was too young.) My dad had rented it on VHS in the early 80’s and IRead More →

So, last year I did it.  I made my husband happy.  What I gave him was close to perfection, very hot and made him take a nap instantly.  He isn’t going to be so lucky this year.  I’m just not in the mood….to make the traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner. I didn’t want to disappoint the guy completely so I decided to make him the infamous sandwich that goes along with this time of the year, the Ruby. Um Barb, don’t you mean the Reuben?  Nope, I think it is time to talk about St. Patrick’s younger little sister.  She has been in his shadowRead More →