I’ve got writer’s block.  I keep sitting at my computer and I type a few paragraphs, reread it and then delete.  It seems relevant as I type but then I hear a little singsong voice in my head going “booooring.”  (I really hate that voice.) 

I think the reason I’m mentally obstructed is that I am really distracted with other events going on right now.  Could this be spring fever?  Could I be twitterpating?  Nope, it is much bigger than that.  I made it to the finals in the 2014 Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats Baconfest Chicago Amateur Cook-Off!!!!!  (Woot.  Woot.)

Bacon and Eggs Maki Made the Finals
My Entry:  Bacon and Eggs Maki

This was my third year that I made it to the semi-finals and I REALLY wanted to make it to the finals.  Voting was done via Facebook poll and I must say it made me a little bonkers.  I was able to see the results so I knew when I was behind and I knew the moments I was ahead.

Most of my FB friends/family were really responsive and jumped on the voting bandwagon.  The contestants needed to be in the top five to make it to the finals.

There were some early leaders a Baconized Poutine, Habanero Candied Bacon Smoked Salmon Ceviche, Pork Belly BLT on Bacon Cheddar Waffle and Pig Mix.  But my dish (Bacon and Eggs Maki) was just flopping around 5th, 6th or 7th place.  It was maddening.

I had made peace with the fact that I may not make it ANOTHER year but it didn’t stop my yearning to be part of this exclusive crowd.  On the last day of voting mere hours before the contest ended, I received a panicked phone call from my husband.

“Barb, you are not going to make it.  It’s almost over.  I’ll try to help save you but I don’t know if I can.”  At first, I thought I missed something and was dying but then I realized what he was talking about…the contest.

I tried to convince him that I would be fine if I didn’t get into the finals but then some competitive switch flipped in my brain.  I got on my computer and begged shamelessly for my friends to get on their computers and vote if they hadn’t done so already.

Little did I know that at the same moment, my husband had started his own campaign to get me into the finals.  He hustled home from work and started to solicit at my neighbor’s houses for votes.  (He was smart and went directly to the house that loves me the most!)

I sat on the couch watching the minutes tick off the clock. The person who was directly behind me must have a crazy spouse too because it was like watching a horse race.  Our numbers were so close that I knew that at any second, I could be out.  It was really stressful and my heart was just pounding out of my chest.

My husband busted in the front door with sweat on his brow and a manic smile on his face.  I didn’t know of all of his antics to get votes so I just thought he was horny.  (I didn’t have 3 minutes to spare so I just ignored him.)

I kept reclicking on the poll results as the final seconds were inching by.  We did it.  I was in the finals!!!  I did a Brandi Chastain and whipped off my shirt and got on my knees and started screaming, “YES.”  (And no, my earlier assessment of my husband’s mood was not accurate until he saw me whip off my shirt.)

So that is where my mind has been this last week, I’ve been planning my attack.  The finals take place on the first night of Baconfest, , April 25.  This is where my food will be judged be some expert baconeers.  (Tickets are still available if you want to come join the fun.)

The competition is really going to be a challenge but I am going to work my hardest to make the best Bacon/Eggs Sushi EVER!!!  (I would go into more detail of my dish but I don’t want to give away any secrets!)

Thanks to everyone who supported me getting to the finals.  I can’t wait to share the Finals with you…win or lose.  (But I really want to win!!)