For most people, preparing for Valentine’s Day dinner is a “sprint”.  On Valentine’s Day, you go to a nice restaurant, pick your meal off of a menu, and call it a night.  For me, it is a “marathon”.  I start thinking about Valentine’s Dinner in the middle of January and “train” a little until the end of the month.  I start reading restaurant menus online, going through magazines and test a few things in the kitchen. Once I flip my calendar to February, I start getting nervous.  I start carbo-loading and my adrenaline increases each time I see red hearts in the grocery store.  ItRead More →

It only seems right that I would fall in love with a new recipe the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  I received my weekly “erecipe” from Cuisine at Home (more on this publication in future blogs) on Thursday and my mouth started watering.  It was for “Broiled Citrus Seafood in Bouillabaisse Broth.”  It had everything I loved in one shallow bowl. As I do when I receive a new recipe, I read it thoroughly.  The list of ingredients, lobster, shrimp, scallops, saffron and fennel, made me want to run to the store without delay. I tried to be sensible and put the recipe aside because IRead More →

I was recently asked how does someone who grew up as a picky eater become a foodie? It really was an interesting evolution. I was really horribly picky. My foods couldn’t touch each other, they had to be the right texture, and, god forbid, there was anything green.  I was the kid that had to count bites in order to be excused from the table.  My parents were wise enough to notice when I was just moving things around the plate.  They didn’t realize I was gifted as I started hiding food in napkins and storing it up in my cheeks.  I was every parent’sRead More →

Being that this whole blog thing is still new to me, I feel that I am still trying to figure things out to make it perfect.  With that said, I should have posted the recipe for the artichoke/spinach dip.  I came up with this recipe last year during the Superbowl when my husband, Earl, asked for snacks at halftime.  I wasn’t really prepared for snacks so I raided my well stocked pantry.  Luckily, I had enough ingredients on hand to make a decent dip.  So football fans will appreciate the name I gave my dip…”Hail Mary Artichoke/Spinach Dip”. Print Hail Mary Spinach-Artichoke Dip Author: Barbara Felt-MillerRead More →

When I made the decision to start a blog, I had all of these grand food thoughts in my head.  I was going to talk about rich sauces, new ingredients and creative new recipes.  I never thought my first post would be about my Superbowl leftovers. As I always tend to do, I made way too many snacks last night for me and my husband.  I did the usual menu of barbeque little smokies, spinach/artichoke dip, dates wrapped in bacon, deviled eggs, crab dip, buffalo chicken and chips and dip.  It was great assortment to keep us energized during the big game.  Okay, we honestlyRead More →