One Shrimp. Two Shrimp. Pink Shrimp. Poop Shrimp. I bought a bag of shrimp, all safe in a stash.  Pulling off the shells and placing them in the trash.  I looked at the pile all pretty and pink when all of a sudden I saw something that I think stinks. They call it a “vein” and line of black goop but I knew better…it is shrimp poop.  This is the Dr. Seuss story that was never told.  (And probably not really the most appetizing start to a food blog post.) I have a love/hate relationship with shrimp.  I really love to eat it.  It isRead More →

I can’t believe Labor Day is over. OVER!!!!!!!! Did you barbeque or spend some time outside? Did you just enjoy the extra day off in your workweek? We’ve done the same thing for the past seventeen years…..we celebrate our anniversary. There are some years we go away and others we just go out for a nice dinner. We have little traditions like me giving him the same card EVERY year and he is awesome at remembering to get me flowers. (There are other traditions but my mom said I am still grounded from this post on zucchini the other day so I’m not going toRead More →

Nefarious. Nefarious? I know I have heard that word before but I wasn’t positive of the meaning. There is a commercial on television that uses that word. Kudos to an advertising group that uses words with more than three syllables! It was kind of refreshing for me to hear a word and have to look it up.   (I should edit that to a word I need to look up that isn’t slang!) I recorded the commercial and couldn’t tell what the word meant. Why I thought this was an easier method than looking it up is beyond me. I watched the commercial about 2 15Read More →

If I had to give a title to this winter, I think I would call it the Winter of Self-Awareness. (I’m not talking the naughty self-awareness that no one ever talks about.) I’m talking about looking into myself and being aware of some things I want to change. I’ve stayed home a lot due to my health and the frigid weather so it gives me some time to really be introspective. There are little things I want to “fix” like never buy a pair of socks again because they have multiplied in my drawers over the years. I also want to be better about puttingRead More →

Happy Bastille Day to all of my French Readers!!! (Unless you only read French and then you probably don’t follow Felt Like a Foodie.) I actually don’t know much about Bastille Day. (I’m a lousy historian.) After about 30 minutes online, I still didn’t know anything about Bastille Day. (I also have a lousy attention span when it comes to anything to do with history.) It isn’t that I don’t care about the French or their history; it just hasn’t been a huge part of my life. We do have some friends with French genes but we don’t see them much. (It is fun toRead More →

Sometimes I surprise myself.  Not the startling kind of surprise like saying boo to someone coming around the corner.  (But I do like to do that.) It was more of the catching myself off guard kind of surprise when I wanted to make a different recipe for garlic bread. It wasn’t surprising that I was trying something new.  It was the source that made me stand in disbelief for a few minutes. I had been parked on the sofa doing some crafts watching a marathon of the Food Network’s “Rachel Vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off” when my mouth started to water at one of the dishesRead More →

Every now and then I get an email from a person asking if I could use more “prepared” items in my recipes.  I’ve gotten suggestions about potato buds (what part is the bud?) And hints about modern conveniences like pre-cooked bacon and dehydrated onions.  There are even stir-in mixes that can make your food taste like you are magically in a café in Paris.  (Okay, that was a little sarcastic and maybe a bit snooty, sorry.) I understand that everyone is busy.  I do things the “long” way because I have the time to do so.  Part of my joy in cooking is standing overRead More →

Am I the only one who keeps hearing about Lobster Rolls?  It is not like they are a new food item because they have been around since the 1970’s.  (I don’t know that for a fact, I was an infant and that was the rumor around the playpen.)  It just seems to be the sandwich of the moment right now. A New England favorite, the lobster roll is simply just a hot dog style bun toasted with butter, a little mayo, celery and lemon juice.  (I’ve seen a lot of variations such as tarragon, scallions, and hot sauce.) There is also a Connecticut variation, whichRead More →

So technically this is a continuation of my last story about Bok Choy.  Well, I guess I’m not continuing the story but I did want to tell you how to make a delicious, miso-glazed salmon to eat with my last blog’s recipe. Miso-whaaat?  Is that the exclamation some of you are making right now?  Are you going to glaze over this post and never look at it again.  (That would make me sad)  I normally try to write my posts so that the ingredients are accessible at your local market.  But this week, it might not be as easy but the search for the ingredientsRead More →

There are two things that make me want comfort food.  The first is when the weather is cold.  The second is when I’m sick.  Since it is June guess why I want comfort food this week?? Yep, I’m sick.  (Ohhh, poor baby.)  Last week I landed in the hospital with some “issues” with my Crohn’s disease.  I had a few really rough days and am hoping that I feel better soon.  (You can say poor baby again if you would like.) Besides the general misery that Crohn’s disease provides for me, it depletes my appetite.  (Oh no!!!)  Almost nothing tastes good to me.  I amRead More →