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Asian Pasta Recipe

Ravioli Potsticker

I have a shocking confession to make to you today.  I hope you are sitting down.  Put down any hot liquids so you don’t burn yourself.  Ready?  I am not perfect.  (Sit for a second and let this shocking news sink in before you read any further.) It is kind of like a supermodel that …


Red Gold Lasagna Party

One of the fun things about writing Felt Like a Foodie is that I get offers to try things.  I read most offers but honestly don’t feel comfortable promoting products that I don’t already use.  (Okay but I will totally cave in if it is something like a vacation to a place with cool food!  …

Pasta Recipe

Fabio Fettuccine

It is August.  It is August?  It is August!!!  Anyway I type it, I can’t get over how quickly this year is flying by!  Everyone I know is busy (I am starting to hate that word) and can’t seem to fit in all the events that life has to offer. I am no different.  The …