Do you hear what I hear? Are those trumpets tooting my horn? YEP! I am proud to say as of this weekend I “successfully” cooked EVERY cover of Bon Appétit magazine this year keeping my New Year’s Resolution! (Barb actually has kept all of her resolutions including the one to talk in the third person on Thursdays!) I enjoyed the experience and some of the obstacles these covers presented every month. The biggest challenge was the fact that I live in a smaller community. Our grocery stores do try to keep up with new foods but it takes awhile. (This is what slow food meansRead More →

Thanksgiving is two weeks away. Do you have plans? Do you celebrate with the same people each year or do you try to do something new each year? Do you try new recipes or serve the same green bean casserole year…after year…after year? I received the new issue of Bon Appétit and was thrilled with all the fun new recommendations for Turkey day. I especially liked the article on Etiquette! (I am still trying to decide if it was bad manners to email this link to my Little Sister In Law aka LSIL who is our hostess this year.) Like any GOOD guest, I amRead More →

When I received this month’s Bon Appétit, I was so excited to see a pizza on the cover. It was going to be a breeze to knock this cover out and keep my resolution of cooking every cover this year. (And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared at what the holiday issues may toss my way in the next two months!) Making pizza at home is probably one of my favorite things to do but it has been awhile since I made a pizza pie on a baking sheet like Bon Appétit did this month.  Bon Appétit called this pizza aRead More →

Another new month and another Bon Appetit Cook the Cover to conquer. I never thought that when I made this part of my New Year’s Resolutions that it would become such a big part of my year. I am really enjoying the challenge and am proud to say I am 9 for 9! So this month, I mosey down to the mailbox and see the familiar plastic wrapped issue just poking its pretty little head out among the bills and junkmail. I pull it to the top of the pile and said “Uh Oh.” Bon Appetit’s Setember’s Issue highlights the Best New Restaurants (Congrats toRead More →

There are many reasons why I love the month of August. First and most importantly, it is the month my beloved husband was born. He definitely makes my world a better place. (Um, do those sweet words count as a birthday gift?) I also love August because kids start going back to school and my mommy friends all have time to sneak off to lunch again!! (We do go to lunch with their kids but then we can’t giggle and talk about boys like we usually do.) But the main reason I love August is because it means my garden is really producing some tomatoes!!!Read More →

It is the end of the month which can only mean one thing….it is time to cook the cover of Bon Appetit! July’s issue may be my favorite issue so far this year. It wasn’t that I was completely enamored with the cover recipe (Mint and Cumin Spiced Lamb Chops). I like lamb chops but they aren’t really available in this area so I was nervous about cooking them. I did find some chops when I was in a larger city but there wasn’t really an option to leave the fat on the bone as suggested in the recipe. With the exception of finding theRead More →

“She’s my cherry pie Put a smile on your face Ten miles wide Looks so good Bring a tear to your eye Sweet cherry pie” Do you remember those lyrics from 1990 by the band Warrant? I have had the song in my head ever since the June Bon Appetit arrived in my mailbox. I immediately thought “I’ll have so much fun writing a post that ties the song to the recipe.” Won’t that be cute? Now I am not prudish by any means but I did rewatch the video. It is a little naughty (probably not naughty in today’s standard by any means) butRead More →

Do you ever have crazy moments where you think the world revolves around you? Okay, maybe not the entire world but maybe certain things revolve around you like your family, job or friends. You have deranged moments thinking that actions of others are directly aimed at you even though every bit of your common sense KNOWS it isn’t true. I am starting to feel that way about my New Year’s Resolution of cooking every Bon Appétit cover. The May issue threw me for a loop. Why you ask?   Because there was nothing to cook on the cover!!!!!!! I opened my mailbox last month and wasRead More →

Eeeeek!!! Another month has flown by and I ALMOST didn’t keep my resolution to cook every cover this year of Bon Appétit. I will admit I was lulled into a false sense of security when I first looked at April’s cover. The theme of this issue was “Cook like a pro…How to Make Amazing Restaurant Food at Home.” I was thrilled because I thought I was just going to get to recreate the fun scrapbook look of this cover. (You know I love any excuse to break out a glue stick.) I had it all set in my head that I was going to doRead More →

Is it irrational for me to celebrate Pi Day this year?  Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14).   Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  (Do you remember this from school?) The approximation to 3 digits is 3.14 hence the reason Pi Day is celebrated on 3-14.  (Now real geeks are wondering why I didn’t wait until next year…3/14/15 at 9:26:53.589…to write a post on Pi.) The cool thing about Pi is that it has been calculated to over ONE TRILLION digits beyond its decimal pointRead More →