“She’s my cherry pie

Put a smile on your face

Ten miles wide

Looks so good

Bring a tear to your eye

Sweet cherry pie”

Do you remember those lyrics from 1990 by the band Warrant? I have had the song in my head ever since the June Bon Appetit arrived in my mailbox. I immediately thought “I’ll have so much fun writing a post that ties the song to the recipe.Won’t that be cute?

Now I am not prudish by any means but I did rewatch the video. It is a little naughty (probably not naughty in today’s standard by any means) but a little too naughty for my audience.

My original thought was to imitate the gal in the video and put on my shorty shorts and red crop top and twirl around carrying my fresh baked pie.

I’d swing it on the front porch and swing it on the lawn. I’d swing it to the left and swing it to right….

But then reality hit me…no one wants to see that. (Okay, my husband would love that but we’ve been married long enough that I think he would have his eyes on the pie since I rarely bake!)

After spending multiple hours on this pie, I was really tired. I’m not going to put on roller skates, carry a pie and lick a beater. I don’t even own roller skates!

There IS one correlation between this song and my kitchen…it turns out they are both dirty when the cherry pie is done.

As anyone who is a regular reader of Felt Like a Foodie knows, I’m not baker. When I do bake, it looks like the band Warrant has come in my kitchen and had a wild party. There were flour and cherries everywhere.

Besides my loathing for baking (and pies), I think in a bizarre kind of way I really enjoyed making this recipe. (Here is the link for the entire recipe.)

I did read the BA article on pie hints before I got started so I think that helped out a lot. The sour cherries and almond flour were both available in our area. (Always a plus.) AND I also had a lot of fun cutting the little holes in the top piecrust.

My only complaint was that there was a lot of time waiting on this pie.   You first make the crust, chill, wait, roll the crust, chill, wait, make the filling, fill the pie, chill the pie, wait, bake the pie, wait and cool the pie 4 hours…more waiting!

I don’t bake enough pies to know if this time-frame is normal but I will say it came out of the oven so beautifully I would say it IS worth following the directions.

With a cool drink of water, it was a sweet surprise. It really tastes so good…made a grown woman cry…Sour Cherry Pie!! (Okay, I did just swing my hair around a little bit singing that last line.)  Warrant would be proud!