Naked. Buff. Nude. Stripped. Birthday Suit. Unclad. Bare. Would you go to a restaurant that would give you the option to eat in the nude and waited on by semi-dressed servers? Apparently, a restaurant in London is the new hot place to go to if this is on your bucket list of things to do. All should have a sigh of relief because this was NOT a foodie fun day for me. I am just trying to contemplate why anyone would find this exciting. When I eat, I dribble things. Do I want HOT soup to hit my nipple!? NOOOO! Do I want a croutonRead More →

Clothing. Who decided that we needed to wear clothing? We aren’t born that way. (If you think about it, you really can’t be created at all without some nudity involved.) Little kids seem to be content with walking around in the buff and there are parts of this world where indigenous nudity is the norm. So why do we do it? What are we hiding? And who decided what needed to be hid? For example, men, there is the obvious cover up spot….their, um, feet. Who wants to see those??? They aren’t very pretty, kind of big (hopefully) and sometimes the hair growth is weird.Read More →

Dim the lights. Get under a blanket. Cue the scary music. Today I am going to share some frightening things with you so I thought I would set the mood first. Are you ready? (Make sure you aren’t drinking any hot beverages as you read this because I don’t want you to jerk suddenly and burn yourself.) The thing that has the hair on my neck standing on edge today is the……news! Have you watched it lately? It is nerve-racking!!! From the stories they do on theft, violence and murder it is a wonder we leave the house. There is news of terrorist plans beingRead More →

My husband and I did something the other day that we haven’t done for a loooooong time. It is stereotypically something guys want to do more than girls but this time I was pushing for it. The interesting thing is that he only wanted to do it if we had another couple involved. Since I am a good sport, I said yes. If this was the only way he was going to do this…the more the merrier! I couldn’t wait to see the bases again and to see who would get the first homerun! Are you like this too? Do you like professional ball games?Read More →

One of my favorite parts of spring is getting my tomato plants into the ground with the anticipation of a garden full of sweet tomatoes. There is nothing better than grabbing a tomato off the vine and enjoying it in your meal. Speaking of which….have you ever been to the restaurant Sweet Tomatoes? They call themselves a Salad Buffet but after eating there I thought of it more as a Café-teria. I chose that description because the items offered were far from the options I usually see at either a salad bar or buffet. Instead, Sweet Tomatoes had some really fun dishes that reminded meRead More →

One of the best things about being a blogger is that I can find out fun facts about food and then relay that information to my readers. (And everything I say must be true because it is on the Internet.) So today I thought I’d share some thoughts on egos…kale egos. I don’t think most people know but the kale ego is very fragile. Even though kale has gained popularity over the years, it still has some issues. Apparently, there are people out there that still don’t like it so it makes Kale feel “inadequate.” There is a lot of skill to stroking the kaleRead More →

There are many reasons why I love the month of August. First and most importantly, it is the month my beloved husband was born. He definitely makes my world a better place. (Um, do those sweet words count as a birthday gift?) I also love August because kids start going back to school and my mommy friends all have time to sneak off to lunch again!! (We do go to lunch with their kids but then we can’t giggle and talk about boys like we usually do.) But the main reason I love August is because it means my garden is really producing some tomatoes!!!Read More →

How many people actually use up a bottle of salad dressing?  I know I have them in my refrigerator but they are barely ever used up.  If I have an Italian based flavor, it is usually poured over chicken as a marinade on a grill night.  But what about all the other ones that just seem to sit on the door forever?  Do you ever use them up?  Or do you just look at the expiration date and smell them every once in awhile to see if they are still good?  (And then make a face, put the top back on, and put it backRead More →

In-spire (verb used with a subject) to produce or arouse (a feeling or emotion, etc.) to influence   I am frequently asked what inspires me when I cook.  The two definitions above help me answer this question. First, I find preparing food to be a very arousing, emotional experience.  Aroused, you ask?  Yep, that is the word for it.  (No, I’m not going to talk about anything freaky here.  Get your mind out of the gutter.) I use the word aroused to point to all of my senses.  I love to see the gorgeous colors of fresh picked produce.  The smell emitted by a handfulRead More →

I asked my husband the other night what he wanted for dinner.  The only thing that sounded good to him was a salad.  He didn’t want a salad so he could watch his waistline.  He wanted a manly salad that filled his belly.  It had to be chock full of meats, veggies and cheeses.  The description he gave me was a classic chef salad (hard boiled egg, turkey, ham, cheese, tomatoes, and greens). Once I served him (Okay, I really don’t serve him but I thought it made me sound more domestic), he wanted additional items like black and green olives and salami.  At firstRead More →