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3 Hot Dogs Walk into a Bar

A hotdog walks into a bar and asks for a drink.  The bartender replies “We don’t serve food here.”   Ah, yes, there is nothing like a bad joke or at least the ability to laugh at something. Quite “frank”ly, I have been a little consumed at finding the humor in life the last few weeks with …

Mexican Recipe rice Soup

Cultural Appreciation

After my taco crawl blog last week, I got into a conversation with a few people about cultural appropriation.  I usually stay away from anything that may be considered a “hot topic” but I felt that this particular cultural guardian that I spoke to needed to understand the difference between “appropriation” and “appreciation.” If you hadn’t …


The Tale of Spaghetti Hos

One of my favorite and most time-consuming hobbies is reading about origins of food.  Given the vast amount of information flying around these days, it is sometimes hard to decipher what is the truth and what has been creatively changed for an entertainment value. I like to think that here at Felt Like a Foodie that …


Road Blocks and Head Cocks

I do my best to keep this blog on the theme of food but every now and then I need to go off topic and talk about the other biggest thing in my life…Crohn’s Disease. To refresh some of my newer followers, I have had Crohn’s Disease for over 40 years.  My life has been like …

Recipe Salads

Romaine Calm

I think I need to compose myself.  I’m at that point that I need to make sure my fingers slow down and not type words I don’t mean but I’ve really had it.  I’m done. Ka-Poot!   I’m talking about this winter! I was misled last week by a “reliable source” that we’d only be seeing one more day …


Spaghetti Sauce V2019

What is embarrassing to you? Is it that moment you look in the mirror and see a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth?  Is it when you stumble over your own steps and walk into a wall? (This happens to me more than I’d like to admit.)  Could it be when you are in the middle of a …