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Breakfast Eggs

Eggs Benedict Arnold

I am a traitor….a dirty, rotten traitor.  Now I am not the kind of traitor who switches alliances during a war or the kind who divulges international secrets on the Internet.  I’m not even a tattletale or playground snitch.  (My sister’s may dispute those claims.) I am a food traitor.  My husband, Earl, has been …


Eggie Pot Pies

I want to apologize for slowing down on my posts the last few weeks.  I have a confession to make….I can’t stand food right now!  My Crohn’s is acting up and with that food has become an enemy to me and I just don’t want to think about it.  (I now know how Superman felt …


EGG-Cellent Day with the Girls

EGG-citing!  EGG-traordinary!  EGGS-hilerating!  EGG-ceptional!  Can you guess what I want to talk about today?  Yep, EGGS!  (I didn’t want to keep cracking you over the head with my puns.) Once a month or so, I get to have one of the best days ever with my girlfriends, Egg Day!  The tradition started after our last …