Do you know the idiom “the devil is in the detail(s)?” It is a saying that refers to the fact that sometimes something may look simple but then it becomes harder when you look further into the situation or how it may be done.

It is a great metaphor for how I look at many things.  I start a project with the innocence of believing I can get it done quickly but then I realize that there are more steps involved than I had originally anticipated.  (Blogging can be one of those things especially when there are software changes that are supposed to make your blog more efficient but it takes you almost an hour longer to put it up because of all the extra boxes that need to be double checked.)

The “devil” saying was actually derived from the saying “God is in the detail” meaning that you should do things with great attention and precision or that details are important. I guess it depends on how you are brought up is how you look at that particular phrase.  (I’m having a weird flashback of a nun saying this to me back in Sunday school when I was coloring an Easter picture.)

It is kind of interesting to me how such a simple phrase can be flipped to what one may consider negative and another way to make it positive.  (Please note…I’m not saying which is which because I have readers who love God and other who love the Devil….Satan worshipers love blogs…in case you didn’t know that….just kidding…I don’t want to get a bunch of hate mail from either camp….it is the atheists that love blogs.  Haha)

I digress….I started to think of this phrase this week when making of all things…devilled eggs.  For those of my friends who celebrate Easter there is always the discussion of what to do with all the blasted hard boiled eggs they dyed.  I always think egg salad is the easiest bet because you can use up a lot of eggs quickly and you have lunch and dinner for at least one full day.  Apparently, this new generation doesn’t eat egg salad!  I don’t get it.

My next suggestion is devilled eggs.  What kind of monster doesn’t like devilled eggs?  (Christians love them….Satanists love them….even atheists love them!!!) The problem is that these days when people make devilled eggs they think they need to some sort of extreme, over the top instagramable social media worthy egg.  (I know I’ve done enough blogs on those kinds of devilled eggs over the years….it is a lot of work.)

The solution is easy…the devil is in the details…especially in a devilled egg.  Maybe that is how it got the name?  You can make a three story, twenty ingredient devilled egg or you can just make a nice simple dressed egg.  (I picture a hard-boiled egg on each shoulder…one with horns and one with a halo.)

This year I took the simple way out and made a phenomenal stuffed egg without all the extras…and you know what?  It was kind of nice.  With the exception of the devilled eggs a couple of the family members bring to a reunion or the ones my next-door neighbor makes…it was a refreshing change. 

I like a little sweetness in my egg so I opt for Miracle Whip over plain mayo.  Plus I add a little bread and butter pickle juice to smooth add a little flavor without adding the picklely lumps.  Hot sauce is served on the side because I like a little heat to match the sweet and I never “paprika” all of them because there are folks who don’t like paprika. (Once again…who are these monsters.)

Any which way, I think I made this particular batch with a lot of love in the detail and that way I could keep religion out of the egg.

Loved Eggs


12 hard-boiled eggs (I use the tried and true recipe of put raw eggs in pot of cold water, boil 5 minutes, cover, remove from heat and let sit for 17 minutes.)

¼ cup of miracle whip

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp bread and butter pickle juice

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

a tiny bit of sugar/salt

Garnish Paprika or a little hot sauce


Cut cooked eggs in half and gently scoop out the center yolks.

Place the yolks in a bowl and put the whites to the side.

Mash up the yolks before you add anything.

In a small bowl, mix the miracle whip, mustard, pickle juice and vinegar.

Slowly add this to the mashed yolk.  

Taste.  Too salty…add a dash of sugar.  Too sweet…add a dash of salt.  Want a little more pucker to it…add more pickle juice or vinegar.  Just remember only add a little at a time to achieve the desired effect.

You can then just scoop the filling into your egg OR get your fancy pants on and use a pastry bag with a star tip.  

Sprinkle with a little paprika.  (I always leave a couple plain in case someone is scared of paprika.)

Serve with a little hot sauce on the side.