Tomorrow is Tuesday!!!!  Do you observe Taco Tuesday?  I write that like it is a religious holiday and to some it is one.  Simply, it is the weekly ritual of eating tacos on Tuesday.  (It would be cool if there was a little more than that like maybe doing a shred the cheese dance or a tortilla fling to the sky to thank the taco gods.) I think when the term was first coined, a fast food taco joint took credit for it and tried to own the name….and we all know Taco Tuesday can’t be owned!!! You can make your tacos at home andRead More →

When you are in a conversation and you misunderstand something, what is your reaction?  Do you just smile, nod and take a sip of your drink with the hopes that is enough to be considered part of the exchange?  Do you furrow your brow, smirk and think about other things?  Maybe you just widen your eyes, flare your nostrils and take a breath and tell them you have to go potty and then sneak into the bathroom and google it. Actually, when I’m talking in a group and something comes up that I don’t understand I think I do kind of an eye squint andRead More →

*Small edit….spell check had spelled “gochujang” wrong….I think I corrected it.  🙂 Every time I introduce a “new to me” ingredient” (like the gochujang in my last post) I get feedback. Some folks find the information very usual and can’t wait to try it on their own. (Gold Star!) There are folks who claim they can’t find the ingredient in their area. (But given how quickly they respond to the original post…I’m guessing that is an excuse not to try something new.) There are folks who think I have been living under rock because they have been using that “new” ingredient all their life. AndRead More →

Do you remember having a substitute teacher in school? Depending on the class, this imposter would come in and either be the coolest person in the world or a complete nightmare. They could be funny and laid back or be the kind who wants to quiz you on things you haven’t even learned again. Maybe no one can ever fill the shoes of your teacher so it doesn’t matter who subs in. I am kind of like that with food substitutions. I’m not talking about doing something easy like subbing ground turkey for ground beef or fettuccini for spaghetti. I’m talking about really out ofRead More →

Finally… feels like spring!!!!!!!! HOOOORAY!!!!! My chore list for outside is a mile long but I am putting my vegetable garden first. I had started seeds inside this year and will confess that it was a complete fail. My yield was in the single digits. Sigh. I don’t know if I planted the seeds too early, if it was too cold or maybe they just didn’t get enough tender loving care. Any which way, they are dead. DEAD AS A DOORNAIL!!!!!!! I think I ended up with more dirt in the dustpan than in my garden! I was pretty upset at first but that isRead More →

I spent most of the weekend getting my vegetable garden ready for planting. Silly cultivating things like picking weeds and moving dirt around. I started a lot of seeds inside this spring and hope that in the next few weeks they’ll be able to make their way off my kitchen table and into the side garden. As I worked in the yard, I did some other basic gardening things in the yard like splitting some plants….and picking more weeds. There was a moment as I was working I looked down at my hands and saw my mother’s hands in the dirt. It made me smileRead More →

One of the things that I’m most proud about with Felt Like a Foodie is that I “try” to stay positive in the things I write about. (With the exception of teasing my hubby, in-laws and people in pajama pants.) But recently there is something that is really getting my undies in a bunch. I feel a bit hypocritical bringing this topic up since I have been guilty of the same crime. I like to think that my radical change gives me a little more room to call people out on what I now find one of the most irritating things I hear people say….Read More →

Dim the lights. Get under a blanket. Cue the scary music. Today I am going to share some frightening things with you so I thought I would set the mood first. Are you ready? (Make sure you aren’t drinking any hot beverages as you read this because I don’t want you to jerk suddenly and burn yourself.) The thing that has the hair on my neck standing on edge today is the……news! Have you watched it lately? It is nerve-racking!!! From the stories they do on theft, violence and murder it is a wonder we leave the house. There is news of terrorist plans beingRead More →

Fiends. I keep hearing that word in my head every time I watch the news in the last couple of weeks. I usually stay away from current events on Felt Like a Foodie but the monsters that seem to be popping out of the crevices of this Earth seem to be haunting me. I feel sad for the people who are the victims of any of these recent tragedies and for the helpless feelings their friends and families must have right now. I am angry that the world is becoming a place where I don’t feel safe. I fear this is a new normal. IRead More →

I can’t believe Labor Day is over. OVER!!!!!!!! Did you barbeque or spend some time outside? Did you just enjoy the extra day off in your workweek? We’ve done the same thing for the past seventeen years…..we celebrate our anniversary. There are some years we go away and others we just go out for a nice dinner. We have little traditions like me giving him the same card EVERY year and he is awesome at remembering to get me flowers. (There are other traditions but my mom said I am still grounded from this post on zucchini the other day so I’m not going toRead More →