Fiends. I keep hearing that word in my head every time I watch the news in the last couple of weeks. I usually stay away from current events on Felt Like a Foodie but the monsters that seem to be popping out of the crevices of this Earth seem to be haunting me.

I feel sad for the people who are the victims of any of these recent tragedies and for the helpless feelings their friends and families must have right now. I am angry that the world is becoming a place where I don’t feel safe. I fear this is a new normal.

I think the only enemies we should have in this world are the foods we don’t like.

Wouldn’t that make conflict easier? We could make side dishes out of broccoli beasts, okra ogres and sadist spinach.

The only shoot we would know is a pea shoot and the only thing you need to take a stab at is trying something new. Conflicts wouldn’t hurt so badly (unless you get a bowel obstruction) and the world would feel safer.

Vegetable warfare would eventually fill the world with peace because eventually you would learn to love everything that grows from this Earth.   Recently, I made one of my longest life enemies, green beans, my new best friend. We had our differences but I learned that we could bring out the best in each other. I can make them taste phenomenal and green beans are a good thing to incorporate in my diet.

I wish real life was that simple and I hope this is the last time I feel compelled to write about giving peas a chance.

Green Bean (Inspired from Bon Appetit)

1 pound fresh french green beans (the nice long skinny ones)

1 Tbsp olive oil

Good crumbly salt like Maldon


Heat a cast iron pan over medium/high heat.

Add olive oil.

Add your green beans in a single layer. (You may have to do batches.)

Leave undisturbed for a couple minutes, you want them to get a little char on them.

Toss them a little bit in the pan and cook another 5 minutes. (I like my beans crisp so take a taste test and go from there.)

Remove from pan and give a hearty sprinkle of salt.

Repeat for remaining beans.

Be safe, my friends.