Stupid…..stupid…stupid..stupid.  This is what I was saying on Friday night.  We were going to have weekend company and I thought I would try something new for dinner.  Nooooooo!!!  You are NEVER supposed to do that!  What happens if it doesn’t turn out?  What happens if it is overcooked? Now a normal person would not go into hysterics if dinner is ruined but I think we all know by now I’m not normal!  Let me rewind and play back the whole scene for you…… Some friends were coming for the weekend and planning on being here around dinnertime.  (Honestly, it doesn’t matter what time you planRead More →

I’m fine but I’m whipped. I am so lucky that I have friends who care so much about me that they realize I’m sick when my blog and Facebook posts decrease. So, because I can’t keep up with the emails/messages….my Crohn’s is having a bit of a flare right now and decided to bring along a wicked cold for company. I’m not doing much more than running to tests, appointments and the pharmacy. (And Starbucks because I’m sick, not dead.). I have felt worse and I have felt better this is just how it goes. I really miss having a furry friend to keep meRead More →

Do you have a wingman (or wing person)? You know that person who helps you out when you just can’t do it on your own. It can be a guy in a bar who enchants women for his shy pal.   It can be that person who helps you with your kids when you go to an amusement park. Heck, it can be your sister in law who diverts you away from your in-laws to protect you from awkward conversations. (That never has happened…my friend told me she does that…yep…a friend.) How about in cooking? Do you have that sauce or mix of spices you goRead More →

The other day on Felt Like a Foodie I kind of joked around about strippers. I meant no offense. We all know that it isn’t a job for everyone and I shouldn’t judge anyone.   (Unless your parents gave you a name like Candy Cane, Cinnamon or Sunshine, you really didn’t have a choice.) I do know that would not have been my career choice. If I had to go that route, I would have been a lady of the evening….in Italy. I came to this conclusion the other day when I made Spaghetti alla puttanesca. Loosely translated, it is the whore’s pasta. Rumor has itRead More →

Power is a dangerous thing. It can make a person crazy, wild and vicious. It can make you do irrational things and sometimes make poor decisions. It can be like an evil villain depending on who has it. (I am not speaking of myself…never.) It also can be wielded nicely. (This is me.) It can be used brilliantly as a tool on a complicated piece of machinery. It also can be the building block to many bigger things. Power is the control some of us need to make our lives move forward. Our house has a great balance of power. The outside seems to beRead More →

Do you ever have moments in your life where you are sure that you have been reincarnated? (Yep, I’m still on pain meds!) Were you a pioneer who crossed the plains in a covered wagon? Maybe you were a caveman who used to work in a quarry? (Or did that only happen on the Flintstones?) Heck, you could have not even been a human! Maybe you were a poodle! I think in a previous life I lived in the depression where I couldn’t always afford what I wanted to eat or maybe just in a country where food was scarce and there wasn’t access toRead More →

Am I blue, am I blue Ain’t these tears in my eyes telling you Am I blue, you’d be too If each plan with your in-laws done fell through Was a time I was their only one But now I’m the sad and lonely one, lonely Was I happy till today Now they’re gone and we’re through, am I blue Was I happy till today Now they’re gone and we’re through, am I blue Oh they’re gone, they left me, am I blue When you are fortunate enough to be married to the world’s best husband (yep, a total pre-Valentine’s day butter up), there hasRead More →

Winter in a small town is like being transported to another world. (I mean a new place not the soap opera, Another World, but that would be kind of cool to live in a pretend soap opera world.) There is a peacefulness because unless you have somewhere to go….you stay home. You get projects down around the house, catch up on old movies and cook…a lot. I am personally enjoying the quietness of home and discovering the hidden treasures that are sometimes right under my nose like recipes that aren’t necessarily new but can be reinvented. The other weekend I was making some sort ofRead More →

Sing to the tune of Grease I solve my problems and I see the light I got a lovin’ thing, I gotta can it right There ain’t no danger I can’t go too far I start believing now and get ready the Bell Jar Peach is the word   I think their ripening is just going insane Why don’t they understand, it’s just a crying shame Their skin is tender and I’ll have to start to peel. I must can them right now, this’ll make a great meal. Peach is the word   (Peach is the word, is the word that you heard) It’s realRead More →

One of my favorite things to do with friends is catch up over lunch or coffee.   Our conversations usually cover the usually topics of hubbys, kids (theirs) and food (mine). The other day during one of these wonderful catch up sessions, we started talking about things to put on a burger. (Yep, we are that exciting!) The banter sort of went like this… Me: Grilled onions Friend: Ketchup Me: Cheese Friend: Lettuce Me: Tzatziki Friend: Gesundheit Me: No, Tzatziki. Friend: Bless you. Do you have allergies? Me: NO, I am talking bout tzatziki sauce. Friend: Never heard of it. Me: Here let me tell you….Read More →