When you hear the words “inside-out”, what do you think of? Do you think of the film where every emotion has a character?  (If you haven’t seen the movie, it is cute.) Do you think about accidently wearing a piece of clothes the wrong way?  (I went to the beach last week and put my t-shirt inside out when I left…went to lunch like that…and then errands….or at least that is the story I’m going with!) Sometimes inside out makes me think of just being all turned around and not knowing what is going on.  I have felt like that lately.  I feel like thingsRead More →

STOP THE PRESSES!  STOP THE PRESSES!  Wait….this is only on the internet….STOP TYPING….DON’T HIT ENTER….DON’T POST ANYTHING YET!! I’ve got HUGE news to report.  After my last blog on sonnets, I received a huge response.  (I thank all five of you who chose to reach out.)  Besides being told I know nothing about poetry or Shakespeare, I was told that I OBVIOUSLY don’t know as much about food as I thought I did.  (I thought this was a little mean, obviously, I am transparent about the fact that I am always learning and that is why I spend so much time on The Google….and citeRead More →

DISCLAIMER: NO HUMANS, DOGS, STUFFED MONKEYS OR CHILDREN WERE HARMED IN THE WRITING THIS BLOG. (With a disclaimer like that….you want to keep reading…right?) What do you do when you are tired? Do you curl up on the couch and watch TV? Maybe you check out of life with a book on a hammock in your backyard? Some folks have even been known to catch a few “z’s” just to recharge. Not me. When I’m tired, I think I should write a blogpost. Not a good blogpost…but a blogpost that makes sense as I’m typing but when I look back…I think to myself “Don’t writeRead More →

Do you have an extra freezer? I do. I really love having the convenience of buying things on sale or bulkier items and have a place to put them. The problem is that they can be overwhelming at times. I looked in mine the other day and just had so many thoughts go through my head. I first thought, why do I have so much bacon? Apparently, I buy bacon on sale and freeze it for a rainy bacon day. I have thick cut, thin cut, cherry smoked and duck bacon. (No…there is no turkey bacon…because plain and simply…I hate it.) I also found someRead More →

How do you get things done? Do you just do it? Are you a procrastinator? What is your motivation? I recently have figured out that I can get just about anything done if I offer myself a reward. It makes me feel better, kind of like getting a smiley face sticker on homework or a pat on the back for a job well done. On the same note, if it doesn’t get done, I punish myself. Now so you don’t think I live in some weird masochist world. (Wait, masochist is a sex thing….maybe not the right word…because I don’t….that is weird…those handcuffs were aRead More →

You asked for it you got it….I am writing my Pi Day blog BEFORE March 14 so you will remember to do something “Pi-ish” on Monday! For those who are new readers, Pi Day is celebrated on 3-14. (Get it…Pi is 3.14159….) It is probably the nerdiest holiday of the year. Given I married a nerd and he came with a hoard of geeky friends, I feel a social duty to celebrate Pi Day on Felt Like a Foodie. But the truth needs to come out this year. I’m not a fan of Pi or Pie!! Both of those words make me shudder. It isRead More →

I think the cold meds are getting to me. I was in the kitchen this week making Pork Wellington for Earl’s belated Valentine’s dinner when I channeled Beyoncé. If you don’t know who Beyoncé is she is a popular pop/R&B singer. She is tall, amazingly beautiful and African American. She can shake her body in ways that defy all science and gravity. She can dance and pop her booty like her hips are mechanical. And the woman can siiiiing!! You are probably thinking right now “Barb is it is like you guys are sisters from a different mister!” I hear that all the time! WeRead More →

When making dinner what guides you? Do pictures you see on the Internet influence you? Is it a recipe that one of your friends forwards you? Maybe it is as simple as having a regular rotation of meals in your house. For me, it is power of suggestion. I am starting to think I am really simple minded. (I know a few of you are saying to yourself “She is just starting to think that?”) If there is a conversation about food, I will end up making one of the dishes. This isn’t that unusual in my circle of friends. We all like food andRead More →

Birthday Songs. Do people still ask restaurants to sing to the birthday person when celebrating a special occasion? It seems that about 20-30 years ago that was the thing to do. You could do it one of two ways. When your server came to the table you could just blatantly tell them that it was someone’s birthday. There would be hopes of all of the servers gathering around your table with a plate full of whipped cream topped with a candle to honor the birthday person. The song would be quick, the birthday person would blush and it would be over. This technique wasn’t alwaysRead More →

I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day and an attractive man was standing beside me tapping at his wrist.  (Please note: He was attractive but no where near as cute as my husband!) I thought it was an indication that he was in a hurry and offered to let him in front of me in line. He smiled and said he wasn’t in a rush, he was just seeing how many steps he had taken today.  He then told me 11,000. I kind of shrugged, I don’t know if that is good or not. I got all flushed and embarrassed, whatRead More →