Believe it or not, every week I give myself a writing assignment for the blog. It helps me stay dedicated to cooking something new each week and then having a topic for Felt Like a Foodie. But these last two weeks have been absolute cooking disasters….or maybe I should specify baking disasters. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to cook some treats for my husband’s birthday. I thought it would be a great post about how much I loved baking it for him and how he could taste the love…blah, blah, blah. Instead, it was a day of baking horror. Hubby’sRead More →

I know the Olympics are over and I didn’t watch one event or follow it on the news. It isn’t that I am un-American (I’m wearing my USA undies as I type this) but I had a bad Olympics experience that really kept me from really ever wanting to watch them again. I would love to say it is an exciting story like one day I was standing on the street waiting for the torch to pass. As the torch passed, the runner pulled a hamstring, tripped and almost set me on fire. I spent years being scared of runners and torches ever since. Nope,Read More →

Would you be shocked if I said I can be kind of jealous and mean at times? It is not a quality that I necessary like about myself. Sometimes I see things and my mind goes to a dark place and inevitably a snarky (yet hysterical) comment pops out. I thought about this character flaw in myself after it came out at two separate events. The first was a rather large party we go to almost every year. There is one gal in particular that for some reason gets under my skin. We’ve never spoken or even shared a polite nod of acknowledgement but IRead More →

When I moved to my small town in Indiana almost 18 years ago, it was an adjustment.  I missed my friends, family and job.  I had to adjust to a town that was not near everything (and by everything I meant shopping and my usual restaurants).  It was a learning experience and not always easy. I was lucky and made a lot of new friends to add to my batch of Illinois friends.  My family remained a phone call away and there are members of my husband’s family who love me like I’ve been part of the group my whole life.  And as for myRead More →

Let me start this off by saying that I am in no way, shape or form saying there is anything wrong with the classic BLT. It is probably the most perfect sandwich in the world. (Peanut butter and Jelly lovers please don’t send hate mail.) There is just something magical that happens when crispy bacon is paired up with a garden fresh tomato and crispy lettuce on bread dotted with mayonnaise.   (Seriously, I just made my mouth water.) The problem is when you grow tomatoes the splendor of the summer BLT gets…dare I say…boring. GASP!! For me it has become the missionary position of sandwiches.Read More →

Fusion. Do you know what that word means? A rough definition of the word “fusion” is the combination of 2 or more things to make a single entity. In the food world, fusion can be interpreted as a way of combining different cultures and flavors through cooking. Historians probably would argue that if you look at the history of food, you are probably also looking at an archive of food fusion. Some of the most famous feuds in the world are based on arguments of how different foods are supposed to meld together. I do believe the initial fight between the Hatfields and the McCoysRead More →