Power is a dangerous thing. It can make a person crazy, wild and vicious. It can make you do irrational things and sometimes make poor decisions. It can be like an evil villain depending on who has it. (I am not speaking of myself…never.) It also can be wielded nicely. (This is me.) It can be used brilliantly as a tool on a complicated piece of machinery. It also can be the building block to many bigger things. Power is the control some of us need to make our lives move forward. Our house has a great balance of power. The outside seems to beRead More →

Chicken. Spicy Chicken. Those are words that make my mouth water. Now add the name Nando’s PERi-PERi Chicken to those words and I’m asking “Where? Where?” Have you eaten at Nando’s PERi-PERi before? Nando’s PERi-PERi is known across the world for making delicious African Portuguese chicken. (When I say worldwide, I’m not kidding. There are around 1200 restaurants everywhere around the globe.) Luckily, Nando’s PERi-PERi will be opening 3 new restaurants in Chicagoland. (West Loop, 953 W. Randolph, opened this week, Lakeview, 670 W. Diversey Parkway, will open this summer and Lincoln Park, 1500 N. Clybourn Avenue, is due to open in September.) Now whatRead More →

This last week has definitely felt like spring to me. I wake up to the birds chirping happy melodies, the trees are displaying every shade of green and the sun just seems to be brighter. I can open a window and smell the freshness only a spring breeze can provide and the temperature is neither hot nor cold. It makes me want to run through a field with wildflowers in my hair except that I don’t run so I’ll mosey through a field with wildflowers. (Unless it is buggy, I’m not a fan of bugs.) Another spring awakening also occurs in the food world. ThingsRead More →

It was like a cloud was hanging over my head. Everyone else was walking around like nothing was wrong but I felt like rain was falling just on my head. I stumbled in circles saying to myself “What am I going to do? What am I going to do?” As I choked back my tears, I took a deep breath and finally had to tell myself “It is going to be okay.” I knew this wasn’t going to define me and I could get over it and move forward. I am sure everyone has had these kinds of moments in their lives. What I’m notRead More →

One of my favorite parts of spring is getting my tomato plants into the ground with the anticipation of a garden full of sweet tomatoes. There is nothing better than grabbing a tomato off the vine and enjoying it in your meal. Speaking of which….have you ever been to the restaurant Sweet Tomatoes? They call themselves a Salad Buffet but after eating there I thought of it more as a Café-teria. I chose that description because the items offered were far from the options I usually see at either a salad bar or buffet. Instead, Sweet Tomatoes had some really fun dishes that reminded meRead More →

I love epiphanies or what some call light bulb moments. You know what I’m talking about…those instances when you brain wakes and tells you the reasoning about feelings you have about something. It is like all of a sudden “POW” and a topic you’ve never understood finally makes sense. (When I have an epiphany, I actually see the word “POW” in cartoon letters over my head but that is because I have read too many comic books over the years.) Recently my brain has been unveiling a lot. I think a lot has to do with recovering from surgery and the need to make lifeRead More →

There are things I think about all the time. Silly things like do chickens ever wonder “which came first.” Or maybe I ponder questions like why are monkeys the only primates allowed to throw their poop? Or why do I choose to use the word poop in a food blog again? Yep, these are things that go on in my pretty little head. (I also think if people look at me sometimes and wonder if I own a comb because sometimes my little head isn’t so pretty!) One of the biggest things I think of is why do people buy mayonnaise? First, I’m not aRead More →

Did I ever tell you I was a sore loser? I don’t scream and cry. I stew in my fury of not winning. (If I win, I do scream out “In your face, Sucka!” Hmmm, this may be why my sisters dislike me.) Honestly, I am not ALWAYS a sore loser. I am sure that I was guilty of this offense once or twice. There was the “house” incident playing Monopoly when I didn’t like my sisters getting to put the little green houses all over their properties when I had none. My solution was to take all the houses and put them in myRead More →