I love epiphanies or what some call light bulb moments. You know what I’m talking about…those instances when you brain wakes and tells you the reasoning about feelings you have about something. It is like all of a sudden “POW” and a topic you’ve never understood finally makes sense. (When I have an epiphany, I actually see the word “POW” in cartoon letters over my head but that is because I have read too many comic books over the years.)

Recently my brain has been unveiling a lot. I think a lot has to do with recovering from surgery and the need to make life better. My epiphanies lately have to do with everything from relationships to landscaping to foods I hate.

Obviously, the relationship epiphanies are the hardest to grasp and in some cases fix. Relationships can be messy and it takes work on both ends to make things work. Finding peace in a broken bond is a challenge but realizing my part in it has been interesting. (Sorry if I am being vague but it doesn’t take a cartoon bubble over my head to make me KNOW that giving details on something this private would not be helpful to anyone. Plus, it might be blog fodder for a later date if I get desperate!)

Enough of that….my landscape epiphanies were kind of accelerated by my neighbors. (I also know they will read this and LAUGH!) They have been screwing in my light bulb lately and “helping” me make some changes to our yard. (By “helping,” I mean they physically do the work for us and find us cool stuff to put on our property.)

As for food, my epiphany in this topic is like the light going on in the fridge. I know if I would open the door to new things, the light will go on. It is like magic!

But recently I had an epiphany about snow peas. It was on my list of foods that I really didn’t want to eat BUT then it hit me again like “POW.” Actually it was an overzealous mom who hit me with her grocery cart and knocked me into snow pea bin. I thought maybe I’m not anti-snow pea maybe this is a sign. (Literally, it was a sign that fell on me….”Snow Peas $1 a pound.)

As I picked the snow peas from my hair, I realized that I have learned to love some foods by first changing the way I prepare them. Maybe I need to try something new with snow peas. POW! I’ve only had snow peas in stir-fries and never had really just grabbed some and gnawed on them.

So I ate one. Blech. Nope….that didn’t do it.   I didn’t like the physical act of biting into the snow pea. (Freud would have had some of his own epiphanies on this topic!)

I did the next best thing….I sliced them REALLY thin and tried again. Mmmmmm, better but I wanted a little more. I treated my cut up snow peas like a salad and next thing you know I finished the bowl!

POW!!! These are great!

Snow Pea Salad


8 ounces of Snow Peas (I only spent 50 cents)

3 green onions, sliced

3 radishes sliced in half and then thinly slice in half moons and then quarters

2 tsp toasted sesame oil

Zest and juice from one lime

1 Tbsp sesame seeds


In a small bowl, whisk together the sesame oil and the lime juice. Set aside.

In another bowl, add all the veggies and lime zest. Toss with the lime juice dressing and sprinkle with the sesame seeds.

This is great as a side salad with grilled fish or chicken. I had a HUGE lime so if you need it a little more acidic you can add more “POW” by adding some extra lime juice or maybe you’ll have an epiphany and add something else!