So Thanksgiving is OVER!!! Did you survive drama free or did you dream about taking a turkey leg and shoving it in someone’s pie hole? Did everyone get along or did you have to sedate yourself by drinking your sister in laws wine cooler when she wasn’t looking? Ours was very nice. (Thank you for asking.) My husband’s sister and her Sexy stud muffin hubby were awesome hosts. We all had full bellies, played lots of games and shared lots of hugs and kisses. (The hugs/kisses were from my super sweet nieces and nephews….not from the studly brother in law. Darn it!) Next year, IRead More →

A complete stranger sitting next to me said….”Thank goodness Thanksgiving is only once a year.” I smiled politely and replied “Should it only be once a year?” This stranger looked at me inquisitively as I proceeded to say we should think about all of the things we are grateful for EVERY DAY. And I’m not just talking about the big things like our families (real and pretend), good health (it could always be worse) or the roof over our head. I’m talking about the little things we just love about our everyday life but don’t think about. The stranger continued to smile and look atRead More →

Writing a food blog around Thanksgiving is really a funny thing. It is one of those holidays you just don’t mess around with because people are really set in their ways of what needs to be on the table. Do you only have mashed potatoes or is it okay to add some scalloped? Maybe you don’t want parker house rolls and you surprise your guests with a hearty whole grain roll. Heck, I’ve even known people who skip the turkey and just plop a chicken on the table. (I only went to that house once for Thanksgiving and then I never went back because franklyRead More →

Do you ever have a place where you just feel a sense of comfort? It could be the familiar smells of delicious food or maybe just the surroundings are something that brings you happiness. It could be the faces you look forward to seeing or maybe it is just a setting that is warm and inviting. For me the event called CHILL presented by LuxeHome on Thursday, November 13, at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago gives me that sense of comfort and joy. This was the eighth year of the event (my fourth) and I want to say it was one of the best onesRead More →

Thanksgiving is two weeks away. Do you have plans? Do you celebrate with the same people each year or do you try to do something new each year? Do you try new recipes or serve the same green bean casserole year…after year…after year? I received the new issue of Bon Appétit and was thrilled with all the fun new recommendations for Turkey day. I especially liked the article on Etiquette! (I am still trying to decide if it was bad manners to email this link to my Little Sister In Law aka LSIL who is our hostess this year.) Like any GOOD guest, I amRead More →

I love when people share their dreams with me. It is funny how little ol’ me can sneak into a person’s subconscious. Did I pop into your brain because you just saw me somewhere? Or maybe you read a blog of mine and it struck a chord? Some people have me in their dreams because I am part of their past. (My sisters have dreams about me all the time but they call them nightmares.) So the other week I received a note from an old high school friend who I’ve reconnected with on Facebook. “I had a super complex dream with YOU in it!Read More →

We always seem to have a lot of overnight company. (Not like some freaky swinger stuff, usually old friends and family)  I’m not a fabulous hostess so I am not sure why these people keep coming back. (This attitude may be part of my poor hostess skills.) I just get really anxious that my house isn’t clean enough, the guestroom is too small and that they might not like my food. Usually a week before we have guests, I start freaking out about everything. I do the regular housecleaning but tag on a few extra things like vacuuming inside all the vents and windexing theRead More →

I am a VERY methodical person. I like to plan and be organized. I feel accomplished just by having a plan and sticking to it. The problem is that they often go wonky. An example would be Halloween this year. My plan was to get some chili on the stove early, volunteer at the elementary school for the party and pass out treats in the evening. BUT as we know the best laid schemes of mice and men often go askew. (Did you know this saying originated from the poem “To a Mouse” by Robert Burns? It is a nice story about a guy whoRead More →